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Deep state planning false flag attack in order to blame “anti-vaxxers” and gun owners

Deep State Planning False Flag Attack Which Will Blame Anti-Vaxxers and Gunowners

Mike Adams

Nina Works In A Large UK Doctors Practice which has over 20,000 patients exposes 80-10 plus  Unreported COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths & hundreds of COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Notices Placed on sick people's medical files .. their death is speeded up rather that slowed down - From Delingpod

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 Deep state planning false flag attack in order to blame “anti-vaxxers” and gun owners

(Natural News) Yesterday was a bizarre day at Natural News, where after I published an article calling for Nuremberg-style prosecutions of vaccine researchers who use human children for medical experiments, I received several phone calls.

The most relevant call came from someone I did not know, and whose number did not appear on my phone. It was sheer chance that I even answered it. As I explain in my Situation Update podcast below, this person identified himself as a supporter of my site and said he works for the federal government. What gave his claim credibility was the fact that he knew my number and he was able to initiate the call from a source that did not reveal his phone number to me.

He said he became aware of my article calling for war crimes tribunals against vaccine researchers, and he warned me that this is exactly the kind of article the deep state is hoping to see published because they are planning to carry out a false flag violent attack to blame “anti-vaxxers” and gun owners.

He urged me to take down the article and podcast immediately, which I was actually already in the process of doing because of previous phone calls and previous conversations with other people that I won’t get into. Importantly, he explained more…

Granted, I don’t know this person, so I can’t say for sure whether he was a white hat, or a black hat pretending to be a white hat. But I’ll share with you what he said and you can make up your own mind.

First, he said that the false flag operation is perhaps just weeks away. He explained that the ATF, with Chipman to be in charge, will be ready to move against AR-15 rifles, and they need a big “event” to achieve that. At the same time, the vaccine industry is desperate to find a way to criminalize and shut down all anti-vaxxer content online, since banning it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube still hasn’t been as effective as they hoped. So they figure they can “kill two birds with one stone” and stage a violent false flag attack of some type that will depict anti-vaxxers as violent gun owners pursuing murder and mayhem. With the obedient media ready to push whatever narrative they’re handed, this story can be told with tremendous effectiveness, resulting in a nationwide outcry to criminalize and shut down both “anti-vaxxer” speech and to confiscate all AR-15s nationwide.

If you don’t think they’ll try this, you have no clue how desperate they are to reach their milestone of 70% vaccine uptake by U.S. adults. That was explained to me as the other key point, that world leaders are being ordered to achieve vaccine milestones in their countries, and that these milestones must be achieved by any means necessary. Just today, rumor is that Italy is now pushing a covid vaccine mandate into law, forcing every citizen of Italy to take the shot. And California just rolled out a new statewide vaccine lottery to encourage low-IQ people to take the vaccine death shot there. These incentives are all part of the effort to reach their vaccine milestones as easily as possible.

Government waging all-out war to silence and disrupt anti-vaxxers

To say that the Biden regime is declaring war on anti-vaxxers is an understatement. They are waging an all-out assault to threaten, destroy and disrupt all anti-vax publishers, content, individuals and organizations such as Children’s Health Defense (CHD). There is a sense of urgency behind all this, too, since it’s only a matter of time before the masses wake up and realize it’s the vaccine that’s killing so many people. Until that day comes, the vaccine deep state is going to push as aggressively as possible to get every last person injected with spike protein bioweapons called “vaccines.” And to achieve this, they have to shut down all the voices promoting “vaccine hesitancy” (which explains the Facebook algorithm to shadowban all such comments).

In this call, I was told that if I continue to talk about war crimes tribunals, Natural News would be completely taken down and removed from the internet. My guess is that the people involved in gain-of-function research have come to realize they will really face war crimes prosecutions as more truth unfolds, and they are using every tactic possible to threaten those who might remind fellow human beings that running mass medical experiments on humanity is a crime against humanity.

Right on time, the NY Times is pushing out tweets that state anyone talking about the covid lab leak theory is “racist.”

The message is clear: Don’t you dare look into the origins of covid, because that would lead directly to incriminating evidence against Fauci and his cohorts. It will also expose the truth about the vaccines, since they are using the spike protein particles that serve as the payload for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. If those spike proteins turn out to be enhanced or engineered in part through gain-of-function research — which they obviously were — then it means billions of human beings are being injected with genetically engineered bioweapons.

The “lab theory” very quickly morphs into a “bioweapons” explanation, which then exposes the vaccines as depopulation weapons.

Once the truth comes out, it seems there would be global efforts to hold war crimes tribunals to get to the truth about all this. That is, if there are even enough survivors to launch a war crimes tribunal effort.

They are trying to mass murder billions of human beings as quickly as possible before any serious backlash can form has published a fascinating article on what the world will look like after globalists manage to exterminate billions of people. With the human population reduced to just 500 million people, almost everything that runs the present-day global economy will vanish. The world will collapse into tribal warfare, and even the guns and ammo will disappear, plunging the planet back into a swords-and-bows existence. As the story explains:

Initially, as the population dies off from the “soft kill”, people will desire to stay in their homes and current locations, victims of “normalcy syndrome”. But it will quickly become obvious that this is not survivable. Food, water, and essential goods will be hoarded, new replacements become unavailable. Law enforcement ends by the government, and is replaced by local warlords. Gangs will form for mutual protection. The weak and meek will become prey for the gangs as resources dwindle.

It will then become necessary for the population to move closer to food and water resources, and to abandon the cities. Those that were able to leave the cities without being enslaved or killed by the gangs, will congregate in the farm areas, near water sources, and form their own local leadership/government systems.

With the available worker population at such a low level, most workers are needed for production of food and firewood. Without the benefit of electricity, there will not be modern farm machinery, fertilizers, weed killers, harvesters, trucks or automatic irrigation. A farm worker will only be able to produce enough food for himself and a few others. During harvest time, all able bodied persons will be needed to gather, clean, can and preserve the crops for the winter.

But the world isn’t ready for the truth yet, because the vaccine deaths haven’t yet exploded

Sadly, the world isn’t yet ready for the truth about vaccines, bioweapons, depopulation collapse and crimes against humanity. And to discuss these topics right now only invites extreme threats from the vaccine deep state and its compliant media propaganda outlets.

Thus, I am reluctantly going to have to hold off on the war crimes topic until the public is ready to hear the truth as the post-vaccine death count explodes due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) or other similar effects. Once vaccinated people start dying en masse, it will become obvious that the one thing they all have in common is the covid vaccine.

But by then, of course, the depopulation agenda will have largely succeeded. Once the masses are killed off by the vaccine, they can’t really rise up and demand an investigation, can they? It seems the depopulation pushers have already won.

And that’s the essence of the global vaccine depopulation plan: Inject billions now, before the truth comes out, knowing that by the time people realize what has happened, they’re already in the process of dying from the vaccine effects. Since you can’t undo a spike protein injection, most of those who took the vaccine will be beyond recovery.

The global depopulation goal is somewhere around six billion people, and according to a recent Gallup poll, there are at least a billion people worldwide who refuse to take the vaccine. That same poll found that a little over two-thirds of people around the world are currently willing to get the vaccine. This means the vaccine is going to have to be forced onto many people in order to reach the 70% global goal. And that’s the low end of their global goal. They really want a global population reduction of 90%.

Thus, the vaccine push is going through five phases:

Phase 1: Vaccinate the easy people who can’t wait to get the shot.

Phase 2: Offer incentives and rewards to convince those on the fence. (Free donuts, free beer, lottery tickets, etc.)

Phase 3: Punish those who refuse to get vaccinated by taking away their rights (no entry, no travel, etc.).

Phase 4: Criminalize vaccine resisters by passing mandatory vaccine laws.

Phase 5: Gunpoint medicine: Launch door-to-door vaccine squads to forcibly vaccinate people at gunpoint, against their will.

We are right now in phase 3, moving toward phase 4.

There’s not much more we can do for those who are willfully going along with their own extermination

The upshot here is that those of us who have been desperately trying to warn humanity have already done all we can do. Those people who are willing — and even happy — to have themselves injected with a deadly spike protein bioweapon can’t be stopped from doing so, as it’s their own (brainwashed) choice.

And parents who allow their children to be used as human guinea pigs in covid vaccine medical experiments can’t be stopped either, as they’re clearly insane and beyond reach.

Society has lost the will to survive, and the vast majority of the world’s population is happily hurling itself into self-destruction. If these people take no action to save themselves, there’s not much that you or I can do to intervene on their behalf. They’ve made their choice, and they’re going to have to live (or die) with it.

We are living in End Times. This is the end of humanity as we know it. The human species is now fully invested in its own destruction, and the vast majority of individuals are quite thrilled to go along with it.

It seems that the rest of us need to now focus on prepping for the global collapse that’s sure to follow. We are wasting time trying to save those who have committed to their own destruction. Instead, we should be sharing information about survival, food self-reliance, community strengthening, local communications and the like.

So that’s what I’m going to do as well. I’ve probably fettered away too much time already on people who prefer to commit vaccine suicide. If they no longer have the willingness to investigate the truth before they inject themselves with unproven, risky medical experiments, then what business do we have trying to save them from themselves?

I don’t think we can stop the global vaccine extermination agenda. The depopulation machine is too powerful, extremely well funded, and has the backing of government, media, law enforcement and the corrupt “science” journals. Anyone who wants to survive the vaccine culling is going to have to figure it out for themselves.

All we can do is work to be among the survivors. As mass death subsumes the globe, there will be survivors who rejected the vaccine death shot, but even those survivors will then have to contend with the far more difficult survival scenario of economic collapse and civilization collapse. Globalists are gunning for mass global depopulation, but they seem to be oblivious to the fact that once they kill off 90% (or more) of the current population, nobody will be alive to run the nuclear power plants. Eventually, they will fail and go into meltdowns, spreading radioactive clouds into the atmosphere to be distributed by winds and weather.

Surviving the vaccine is the least of the challenges yet to come, it turns out. As the global depopulation death wave kicks in, we will also have to survive the economic collapse, food collapse, tribal warfare, nuclear accidents and whatever else is unleashed by the global depopulation agenda.

Or perhaps you think this is all science fiction and there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s exciting to get your vaccine shot, isn’t it? Tell all your friends and celebrate your newfound freedom! Mock the “anti-vaxxers” while pretending that life will get back to normal if only everybody is forced to take the same covid vaccine.

Have fun while your life lasts, because it won’t last much longer if the globalists get their way. You’ve just been depopulated in the name of “saving the planet” for the powerful, wealthy families that wish to claim dominion over Earth.

Listen to today’s Situation Update podcast to hear the rest of this analysis:


 Former Pfizer scientist warns that governments and pharmaceutical companies will continue to deceive and enslave people before killing them off

Friday, April 09, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson
Tags: abusebadhealthbadmedicinebadsciencecoercionCollusioncovid-19 scandaldeceptiondepopulationdiscriminationdue processgovernment lieshealth freedominformed consentlockdownsmedical fascismmedical fraudMedical TyrannypropagandasegregationTyrannyunregulated vaccinesvaccine passportvaccine wars

Image: Former Pfizer scientist warns that governments and pharmaceutical companies will continue to deceive and enslave people before killing them off

(Natural News) Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy and Respiratory Disease, warns that governments will continue to deceive populations and lie to people about infectious disease diagnosis, transmission and risk. The government’s perpetual deceit and authoritarianism during the covid-19 scandal has been used to control, discriminate, oppress, harass, divide and segregate people using discriminatory lockdowns, DNA swabs, mask mandates and other medical edicts that falsely imprison people, deprive people of due process and civil liberties. This authoritarianism, unaccountable to the law, provides a pathway for governments and pharmaceutical companies to enslave people, kill people and cover up their crimes.

The medical tyranny put in place during the covid-19 scandal will allow for continual mass murder

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Dr. Yeadon said, “Look out the window, and think, ‘why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?’ Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.” Dr. Yeadon spent 32 years in the pharmaceutical industry leading new medicines research, and knows how Pfizer and other drug companies manipulate, coerce and control media and governments to essentially maim people for profits.

During the covid-19 scandal, dozens of governments converged in unison to push the same lies about “asymptomatic transmission” which has been thoroughly investigated and debunked by scientists around the world. Yet, all the authoritarian policies enacted by governments around the world hinge on convincing the masses that this lie is true. This conspiracy is so powerful, it has deprived human rights and threatened longstanding medical rights such as informed consent, body autonomy, power of attorney, medical privacy, medical discrimination, due process, and basic civil liberties.

Dr. Yeadon addressed the most recent propaganda and tyranny surrounding the covid-19 scandal, including the terror of new covid variants, a fear tactic that is broadcast to justify the need for new lockdowns and travel restrictions. He also spoke out against Vaccine Passports, a digital surveillance and tracking system that uses QR codes to grants permission to only the vaccinated to be free in society. He said these authoritarian, coercive and discriminatory vaccination procedures would put the world on path to slavery and human carnage that far exceeds the massacres of the 20th century.

The arrival of these new covid variants provides opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to continue developing mRNA booster vaccines. Under a Vaccine Passport system, pharmaceutical companies would require perpetual compliance to new boosters and mRNA inoculation updates in order for people to participate in society. This level of totalitarianism would fall under the definition of crimes against humanity, especially when the experimental technology comes with its own set of risks and inevitably maims and kills a set percentage of the population. (Related: Pfizer’s vaccine studies are based on FRAUD and put lives in danger, warns former Pfizer vice president.)

Science and medicine are quickly being replaced by totalitarian authorities that facilitate medical fascism

Dr. Yeadon said the world is in dangerous territory because all the media outlets and Big Tech platforms are pushing the same propaganda on the covid-19 scandal, censoring the truth and brainwashing the masses with lies upon lies.

Companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson are already getting approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency, to manufacture billions of new booster shots that will also be approved for emergency use authorization and pushed onto the perpetual lab rat populations of the world. Under this insane new precedent, drug companies will not be required to “perform any clinical safety studies” and can forcibly experiment on and abuse the population with new vaccine campaigns and perpetual permission-seeking through the Vaccine Passport app surveillance systems.

Yeadon warned that this new scientific dictatorship will be able to push out unregulated vaccines, and victims will have no recourse when they are injured or killed because these vaccine companies contract with governments to have immunity from prosecution. This will allow drug companies and medical fascists to come up with new mRNA sequences, which will “go from the computer screen of a pharmaceutical company into the arms of hundreds of millions of people, [installing] some superfluous genetic sequence for which there is absolutely no need or justification.”

Yeadon said everyone should “fight like crazy to make sure that system never forms.” Because if it does, it will introduce a system of human slavery and segregation that installs a permanent form of medical fascism and genocide that makes the evils of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler appear mild.


Natural News statement on vaccine refusal, freedom of choice, due process and human rights –

(Natural News) From Mike Adams, the editor of Natural News:

We believe in the principles of human rights and freedom of choice when it comes to any medical intervention, regardless of their risks or benefits. This means we believe every human being has the right to independently decide whether they wish to consent to a vaccine intervention, even if those vaccines are “experimental” in nature and may pose the risk of serious harm, injury or death.

Because we believe in health freedom, we must respect the freedoms of others who choose medical interventions that we know to be dangerous. However, we may do our best to inform them of the risks that doctors, science journals and the media aren’t sharing with the public.

Acceptable methods of working to save someone from vaccine injury include sharing knowledge and information such as:

  • FDA data sheets that admit to a long list covid-19 vaccine side effects, including neurological problems, anaphylactic shock and loss of consciousness. This FDA fact sheet admits that 86% of children who participated in a Pfizer covid vaccine trial experienced adverse reactions.
  • State-level information sheets such as this Connecticut document that admits covid-19 vaccines may cause permanent injury or harm.
  • Reports citing VAERS data from, showing that thousands of Americans have already died after taking covid-19 vaccines. (VAERS data is publicly available for anyone to view.) This story shows that VAERS data reveal covid vaccine injuries tripling in 12- to 17-year-olds last week.
  • Video interviews, articles or presentations from researchers who are presenting information about vaccine risks that are typically not covered by the pharma-controlled media.

… and so on. Despite all the censorship of “vaccine hesitancy” information by Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter, there still are many credible information resources where individuals who want to learn more about vaccines can find out about their ingredients, underlying technology (mRNA, for example), risks of side effects and blood clotting potential, among other things.

Despite the large-scale pro-vaccine propaganda that’s funded by the CDC’s $1 billion propaganda budget (passed as part of the recent covid stimulus bill), websites like Children’s Health Defense, Life Site News, Green Med Info and many other sites — including this one — offer fact-based knowledge that can help people learn simple facts about covid-19 vaccines they may take into account when making their own decisions regarding medical interventions.

It is NOT acceptable to threaten other people who are taking or administering the vaccine

Because we respect freedom of choice, we believe it is not acceptable to engage in coercive activities in order to interfere with other people’s medical choices, even if we are aware that their choices may be harmful or injurious to themselves and those around them. Specifically:

  • It is NOT okay to threaten anyone with violence in order to coerce them into avoiding taking a vaccine.
  • It is NOT okay to threaten the people administering vaccines to others, as they are merely NPCs following orders.
  • It is NOT okay to threaten doctors, nurses, pharmacists, vaccine researchers, Big Pharma executives or others who play a role in the vaccine pipeline. (It is okay to verbally condemn their actions, however.)
  • It is NOT okay to engage in vigilante justice of any kind against any person or group involved in vaccines.
  • We do NOT condone the use of violence to achieve a desired end, as we are OPPOSED to violence, including medical violence targeting children with experimental vaccines.

Acceptable approaches to countering vaccine violence must be rooted in peace, due process and human rights:

  • It is acceptable to peacefully protest outside vaccine clinics, hospitals or pharmaceutical operations, as long as such protests are lawful and pursued in the spirit of the First Amendment.
  • It is acceptable to demand investigations and prosecutions of those who are engaged in illegal activities surrounding vaccines, including those who are committing scientific fraud, withholding informed consent, carrying out plots to censor alternative treatments (such as ivermectin) or other illegal activities.
  • It is correct to demand law enforcement investigate and prosecute those carrying out crimes against children (or crimes against humanity), but we must defer to the justice system to pursue prosecutions and judgements.

The reason this approach is so important is because society as a whole must reject vaccine violence, not just a few individuals. Once this current batch of covid vaccines results in millions of deaths in the United States, it will become obvious that society must move against the vaccine cartels to protect innocent lives. That time has not yet arrived, but it will. Sadly, many of the very people who are going to be killed by these vaccines will never have a chance to speak out, since they will be dead. But survivors will sound the alarm.

Until that day comes, protect yourself and your loved ones from vaccine violence. Work to educate any who will listen. Adhere to the rule of law and respect due process. Do NOT take vigilante actions against vaccine proponents. Instead, record their actions and crimes for future legal action against them once law enforcement and the courts are ready to pursue criminal cases against those who carried out vaccine violence against innocent victims. It is perfectly acceptable to keep records of present-day events and to turn those records over to law enforcement when the political will to prosecute vaccine violence eventually surfaces. That day may be less than a year away…

The U.S. government has not yet moved vaccine compliance into the KINETIC phase… they are still pretending to be the “good guys”

As you ponder all this, remember that the US government has not yet taken this kinetic. They’re aren’t yet arresting people at gunpoint and forcing them to take vaccines against their will, in other words.

Understand that the kinetic coercion phase is coming, but for now the government is using incentives (lottery tickets, free donuts, etc.) and punishments (no right to travel, no right to enter a church, etc.) to try to non-violently coerce as many people as possible into accepting vaccine injections.

This phase will likely continue for another 2-3 months months, after which the government will then begin to ramp into coerced compliance with door-to-door “gunpoint medicine” demands that people get vaccinated or face criminal penalties (such as fines or jail time).

Once the government moves into this phase, they can no longer pretend to be the “good guys.” At that point, they are overtly following in the footsteps of totalitarian regimes engaged in crimes against humanity, and the vaccine drive begins to resemble a concentration camp mass arrest affair. Should the government shift into this phase, they expect heightened levels of resistance.

For this reason, as I have been told, the Biden regime is working with the vaccine deep state to stage a large-scale false flag event that can be blamed on anti-vaxxers and gun owners. They plan to shoot up some venue related to health care and blame it on anti-vaxxers while calling for immediate, nationwide gun confiscation.

Once the guns are confiscated — if that can even be pulled off — then the government will proceed with the kinetic phase without much resistance, since they will be armed and you won’t.

Once they (try to) take the guns, vaccine injections will be mandated at gunpoint

All Natural News readers should fully expect to witness the deep state pulling off a large-scale false flag event followed by demands for nationwide firearms confiscation. That will be followed by nationwide vaccine compliance via kinetic action on the part of the government.

If all goes according to the plans of the globalists, vaccines, economic collapse, regional warfare, engineered famine and the government’s war on America’s citizens can reduce the population of the United States by about 230 million between now and the end of 2025. We aren’t sure how many tens of millions of deaths are likely attributable to vaccines vs. starvation vs. widespread disease, etc. But the global plan is to reduce the U.S. population to under 100 million people, and we know that covid vaccines and additional bioweapons are key components of their nefarious depopulation plan.

We also know the vaccine deep state will release additional pathogens as required, likely including a new weaponized strain of Ebola. We also know that the NIH funded SARS-CoV-2 “gain-0f-function” research specifically to target human ACE2 receptor cells that exist in the respiratory tract, reproductive organs and other organs.

Finally, we know that the spike protein used in the vaccines is itself a biological weapon that even the Salk Institute confirms causes vascular disease. This is the particle that’s causing blood clots which lead to heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary embolism deaths. The spike protein is the weapon, and it’s intentionally formulated into the vaccines. (Or in the case of mRNA vaccines, your body’s cells are hijacked to generate spike protein bioweapons and release them into your own blood.)

The vaccine industry hopes to kill as many vaccine victims as possible so they can’t sue or protest

The truth about all this cannot be covered up for long. The coming wave of vaccine deaths will be irrefutable and horrifying. The vaccine industry knows this and they are trying to kill the vast majority of Americans before people realize they’re being culled. After all, the vaccine industry knows that dead people don’t protest, and dead people don’t file lawsuits. So the more quickly they can kill the largest number of people, the less backlash they will face when all this comes out.

Once the US government moves this into a kinetic compliance phase, the federal government will literally be at war with the American people, and all hell will break loose across the country on multiple fronts. So we will address that situation when and if it happens.

An upcoming podcast will delve into the full details of the five stages of vaccine coercion in America. (We are currently in stage 3.) Stage 5 is all-out government biological and kinetic warfare on the American people. If stage 5 is invoked, there will be no mistaking it because men with guns will show up at your door and demand you consent to being vaccinated at gunpoint.

Until that day comes, however, the vaccine death merchants are going to pretend to be the “good guys,” and the brainwashed American masses — who don’t know much at all about the real purpose behind these vaccines — remain convinced that vaccines equal freedom.

Soon, they will come to realize that covid vaccines equal death, but until that day comes, there’s not much the rest of us can do to stop them beyond trying to inform them. Sadly, we are all going to lose loved ones when the covid vaccine death wave is unleashed. Myself included, as I have relatives who have also taken the vaccine and may be gone in the next 1-3 years.

Save yourself, and save as many as you can through education, information and evidence. The truth will be readily apparent soon, and the vaccine industry has already set things in motion that will destroy the credibility of the entire industry for generations to come. Sadly, millions will die before the rest of society wakes up to the truth about vaccines and depopulation.

Stay safe and abide by the law. Respect due process. Warn others but do not threaten them. The truth will be revealed soon.

– Mike Adams, editor,