Ghost World 2022-2032

By Mike Adams

Chapter One
The Die Off
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We will cover all that in this special report. I’m Mike Adams, known as the Health Ranger. I’m the founder of, the publisher of and the author of several free books, audio books that you can download with printable transcripts. 
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‘Don’t underestimate the number of people and organizations with a vested interest in COVID-19's longevity
Welcome to this special report entitled “Ghost World 2022-2032.” In this special report, we’re going to look at the next 10 years and the ramifications of the mass die-off caused by vaccines. We now based on autopsies, various reports, nurse whistleblowers and may other sources that the vaccines are in fact depopulation weapons designed to achieve a global die-off. We also know that more than half the world’s population has been injected with at least one vaccine, and that we’re approaching perhaps 60-plus percent of the American population being injected. Many of those people have taken two shots, and some have taken three. And a smaller percentage will continue to take boosters fourth, or fifth, or sixth and so on until they’re dead. We know from published science that the vaccines destroy the immune system, making people vulnerable to subsequent infections, even common infections, such as common colds or flu strains. Those strains never kill a healthy person, but they will kill people who have immunosuppressed status because of the vaccines themselves. We also know that these vaccines, because of the mRNA instructions, are causing the body’s cells in major organs like heart, lungs, liver and so on to grow spike proteins themselves. This is causing the immune system to react to these foreign nanoparticles, which are toxic bioweapons that are being produced emerging on the outer edge of the cells that line the heart, the lungs, the spleen or other organs. The immune system responds with killer lymphocytes. The lymphocytes attack these cells and thereby attack these organs. It is their own immune system that ends up killing people by destroying their heart. This is why so many seemingly young healthy people are having heart attacks and dying after receiving the vaccine. Blood clots, of course, are one of the causes – those are the short-term effects and those are killing a great number of people. But the medium- and long-term effects, which include cancer, acceleration of cancer tumors and acceleration of autoimmune disorders, are the things that will kill people over the next decade. So even if the vaccine rollouts were stopped right now, which is unlikely, in my estimation we would see anywhere between one to two billion people dead across the globe in the next 10 years. If the vaccines continue to be injected into people, we are looking at as many as a quarter to a third of the world population being killed by these vaccines. The population of the world right now stands just under eight billion, so over 2.5 billion people could be killed by this vaccine. And that is the plan. In fact, the globalist plan to kill off much more than that. They hope to kill up to 90 percent of the human population. The good news is they will likely not succeed in that. The bad news is they will still kill probably billions. Given those mass deaths, this special report focuses on the following: What does our world look like? What are the repercussions that affect us in the real world locally? What happens with housing, used vehicles and the economy? How do we acquire goods when so many of the world’s producers have been killed by vaccines because they were required by large corporate employers? What does the world really look like? How do we survive? How do we get by day to day in this world? What happens to the property price bubble that we are living in right now and the stock market bubble? What are the financial, economic and also political implications of this new world that we are facing over the next 10 years? The Ghost World, as I call it. That is what this report focuses on. And those are some of the areas that this is divided into. We are going to look at politics. We are going to look at economics. We are going to look at supply chain issues, survival, rule of law, chaos, domestic violence, anarchy, world war, all of these issues. We will cover all that in this special report. I’m Mike Adams, known as the Health Ranger. I’m the founder of, the publisher of and the author of several free books, audio books that you can download with printable transcripts. You can find those at Go to the very top. Click on audio books and you will be able to see the three books that are available currently. One is called “Survival Nutrition.” You can also find that at It is extremely valuable lifesaving information completely free. Download the MP3 files right now, give it a listen. It’s something like seven or eight hours of just a lifesaving book with amazing knowledge and information. I have also got the “Global Reset Survival Guide” and “The Contagious Mind.” Those are the three books available now. There’s one more coming called “Resilient Prepping.” And that is in addition to this special report here: “Ghost World 2022-2032.” So let’s get started. Chapter One - Who will die from the vaccines? Who will be left behind? So the very first question we need to ask in all of this is: “Who is going to die from the vaccines?” Obviously, you can only die from the vaccine if you’ve taken the vaccine. It really becomes a question of who are taking the vaccines. Now, we’re going to use a rough number for the entirety of this special report. We’re going to say that about 1/3 of those who have taken at least two shots will be dead within 10 years. And it’s a rough estimate. Maybe high, maybe low. But we know that not everybody is going to die. However, we know that there are short-term, medium-term and long-term fatalities caused by these vaccines. We also know that those fatalities will not be blamed on the vaccines. So as people die from cancer, they will be said to have died from cancer – even if their deaths are caused by the vaccine. And people who die from neurological disorders, their deaths won’t be blamed on the vaccine, and so on. But let’s get back to the core question here. Who took the vaccines? Now we know that there are political disparities in who is taking the vaccine. We know that Democrats took this vaccine at a ratio of about 2:1 compared to Republicans. We know that the vaccine resistance, so to speak, is very strong among conservatives and independent minded individuals. Christians and people who are pro America, pro-Trump in most cases, or at least had been before Trump started pushing the vaccines. But at the same time, those who took the vaccines tend to be Democrats, they tend to be leftist or liberals. They tend to be people who now hate America. And they tend to be people who don’t believe in God. Many of them are atheists, and quite a few are satanists. Those who took the vaccines also tend to embrace abortion. So they’re in favor of infanticide. And they’re also obedience worshipers. They took the vaccine because many of them said, “well, I believe in the science,” even though it wasn’t science – it was a PSYOP. But most Democrats and leftists are very vulnerable to PSYOPs because they’re not independent-minded people. They kind of believe whatever false authority tells them. So if you look demographically across the country, you look at the distribution of where do Democrats live? They tend to gather in cities. They tend to live in blue states like California, New York, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico and so on. So these are the areas where close to 1/3 of the entire population will die off ultimately from vaccines. Why is that? Because more than 90 percent of the total population in these areas has been vaccinated, so they’ve been injected with the spike protein. They took the bioweapons. If 1/3 of the vaccinated people die in the next decade, and you have a state where, let’s say 90-plus percent of the people took the vaccine, then you’re going to have 30- plus percent of the total population dying. Now, compare that to states like Texas, Florida or other conservative states where you might have, let’s say, at most 50 percent of the population took the vaccine. If you have 1/3 of those people dying off, then you could lose somewhere close to 17 percent of the total population in conservative states – with almost double that in the blue states. So as you can see, the impact of these die-offs is going to be disproportionately felt in areas dominated by Democrats. The cities are going to be hit the hardest. And this is going to be a recurring theme that we will revisit throughout this special report. The cities are going to be ghost towns, in many cases, in many ways. Doesn’t mean there won’t be a single soul walking around. It’s just that they won’t have the livelihood, energy and the population density, the hustle and bustle that they did in 2019. They’re going to feel like ghost towns. So once you realize that it is Democrats that are going to die off, for the most part, ask yourself this question. “What professions took the vaccine?”
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 We’ve started to answer the political question. What about the professional question? Which professions took the vaccine? We know that in health care, most doctors and nurses took the vaccine, because it was a condition of their continued employment. While we had many brave nurses saying “no, thank you” and they even sacrificed their jobs in order to save their own lives from this toxic injection, most doctors, and frankly, most nurses, went ahead and took the vaccine. We can immediately know that over the next 10 years, we’re going to have a really catastrophic die-off of healthcare workers. We know this is also going to be happening at the same time that many other people are being hospitalized or dying. Thus, the strain on the healthcare system will lead to collapse of the system – at least collapse of the system we know today. It will be practically unrecognizable within the next few years. We also know that government workers got vaccinated at near 100 percent vaccine rates. So think about this. In many blue cities – look at San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even Chicago, New York City and so on – vaccines were required for all city workers. It includes sanitation workers, administrators, finance workers, and so on. And in many areas, the vaccine mandates included first responders, police, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, law enforcement, sheriff’s deputies and so on. I think about this, these are the people that keep cities running. These are the people that respond to emergencies. These are the people that arrange for the repair of bridges and roads, among other things. These are the people who administer the pension payouts, the retirement benefits to previous government workers. As these people die off in large numbers, it’s going to thrust these cities into chaos. There will be, of course, economic consequences because of the die off, we’ll get to that. But I just want you to understand that the administrative layer of our society that keeps cities and counties and governments running will be decimated. As a result, we will be thrust into civic anarchy. If you thought the rule of law was on the verge of collapse in 2020 or 2021, you haven’t seen anything yet. It’s going to get so much worse in the years ahead. Because of the die off of those who are first responders and coordinators of all of this. At some point, you’ll dial 911 if you even dare, and it’ll just be a recording. “Sorry.
Thank you for calling 911. We’re not available. Good luck.” That’s what it’s going to be like. Now, who else took the vaccine? We know that vaccine rates were very high in the food service industry, in food production, food manufacturing. For example, Tyson Foods required total vaccinations among all of its workers. Tyson Foods provides a significant portion of the meat, pork, beef, chicken in America, and even exports food to other countries. But it’s not just that. In California, which is sort of the vegetable production hub, the Central Valley of California – vaccinations were pushed rather aggressively there. A lot of people got vaccinated and vaccines are being required by Canada for truckers who are crossing the border from the US to Canada. While many truckers are rejecting that, saying “no thank you,” they’re actually retiring and just giving up driving trucks. Many truckers are taking the vaccines.
And of course, some portion of those, perhaps 1/3 will die in the next decade. And if you start losing truck drivers in the middle of this crisis, you’re going to have a supply chain catastrophe that is far worse than anything we’ve seen so far. And yes, that is coming. That’s absolutely coming. Also, large corporations that manufacture everything. The big corporations went in early with mass vaccinations. And this included Google, by the way. Facebook, Twitter, Big Tech went in with the total slaughter of their own employees. And you might wonder, “well, why, why, why did they do that?” “Why did they knowingly kill their own workers?” The answer is because they’re replacing them with automated systems. Right now they have things like machine learning fairness algorithms, where the employees are teaching the algorithms, how to censor, how to moderate posts, how to do tasks, and what the human employees are doing is making themselves obsolete. In another couple of years, these tech companies won’t need the tens of thousands of human workers to do these jobs. They will have trained the AI systems to do them. Doesn’t matter if those people die off from vaccines. In fact, a lot of these tech companies and other corporations would prefer the mass die-off because then they don’t have to pay benefits and retirement funds and things like that. So, Big Tech is killing off its own people. Hospitals are killing off their own workers, and large corporations. Remember, Boeing required vaccine mandates at first. They recently backed off of those mandates, because they were losing such a large percentage of their employees. They realized they could not function unless they halted the mandates. But that’s an exception. Most corporations continue to push the mandates, precisely because Biden signed the executive order and pushed OSHA to issue its ruling that any corporation over 100 employees had to mandate vaccines. And as of this recording, that is not yet decided by the US Supreme Court whether that’s constitutional or not. Nevertheless, most large corporations have gone along with it. You’re looking at a situation where people who do not work in America, were not forced to take vaccines. Those are the people collecting welfare, food stamps, and so on. While many people who do work for a living, were coerced into taking the vaccines and thus, about a third of them will be dead.
This is a way to kill off the working class. And then to create a subclass of impoverished welfare recipients.
This also includes, in many cases, new illegal immigrants who are coming in. Because of that, America is being dramatically shifted into a model more like Mexico’s socialist model, where you have a small number of elitists at the top who control everything. They rule over the masses of impoverished ignorant, non-working individuals who are probably going to be put on a universal basic income – a UBI arrangement. Understand this is what’s coming for America. This is all being done deliberately. The vaccines actually weed out the productive members of society, because they were forced to take the vaccine or they were coerced to take it at their jobs. Now, much the same is also true with Wall Street. So the finance sector of the US economy was heavily vaccinated. The big financial companies required it and most of those workers went in and agreed to do it. So when we look at the die-off that’s accelerating now and is going to continue over the next decade: It covers multiple sectors. It’s food, food processing, manufacturing, logistics and delivery; it’s healthcare and medicine; it’s finance and its government; it’s large corporations that do everything: manufacture, weapons systems, heating and cooling systems, automobiles, you name it.
This is what we’re looking at in our society now. A mass die-off of all of these sectors of society.
What is our going to look like in the aftermath of that situation? 
 Stay tuned here. We’re going to get into all that and more.    
Ghost World 2022-2032
by Mike Adams
Chapter Two
The Political Consequences
Now we’re going to take a look at the consequences of this mass die-off and who took the vaccines (we already covered that, so we know who are going to be impacted by this). The die-off is going to be concentrated in Democrat controlled areas, blue cities, blue states, Democrat-run companies, such as the Big Tech firms, and so on. As a result of this, voting is going to be heavily impacted in all upcoming elections, because there will be fewer Democrats alive to vote. This may be offset to some degree by the illegal immigrants that are being brought into the country in record numbers, and perhaps, that is a deliberate strategy on the part of Democrats to replace the dead Democrats, who died from the vaccines. I believe it is a deliberate strategy. Nevertheless, the die off from the vaccines will probably be far greater than the number of illegals, who can be brought into the country, despite their best efforts to do so. This means that in upcoming elections, unless the Democrats can continue to cheat, which is, of course, a strong possibility, we’re going to see far fewer Democrats voting because they’re dead. Now, granted that Democrats still do vote in places like Chicago – the more who die, the more difficult it is for them to cheat. It takes effort for Democrats to cheat with dead voters. This die-off is accelerating, and this means that elections are going to be strongly impacted, and this will impact the 2022 midterms, but also even more strongly, of course, the 2024 presidential election, if it is even allowed to take place, and that’s a big question.
We’re not even sure that the 2022 midterms will be allowed to take place, because the Democrats are likely to be really politically slaughtered in that election, because of the catastrophic nature of their policies and the suffering that the American people are going through right now, which includes, of course, food inflation, supply chain failures, a loss of freedom, continued pushing vaccines and lockdowns that nobody wants. There’s real fatigue against the pandemic, and fatigue against Joe Biden, and just outright hatred against Kamala Harris, so we’re not even sure the 2022 midterms are going to take place. Nevertheless, because of the vaccine die off, the trend very strongly moving forward is fewer and fewer Democrats voting. Now, what does that mean? Does that mean we’re going to be saved by the GOP? Highly doubtful. The GOP is just the other side of the grand theatrical production. Both Democrats and the GOP are all prostitutes to Big Pharma, with very few exceptions. They work for pharma, Political Consequences Chapter 2  they work for the central banks, they’re all in favor of more debt, more inflation, more money printing. They’re almost all heavily invested in the vaccine manufacturers and drug companies.
They have every incentive to keep pushing these fake pandemics and to keep pushing money printing and stimulus bailouts, and all these other horrific policies, so we’re not going to get much of a change, no matter who’s in charge. In fact, that the GOP, they like to talk a lot about restoring the freedom of speech, and although there are some truly pro-First Amendment champions, such as Jim Jordan and Senator Rand Paul and others, for the most part, the GOP is all in with Big Tech, and many of them are in with China and the CCP as well, so don’t expect some kind of miracle, just because the GOP starts winning more elections. Remember, when the GOP has power, they never use it to protect the American people. The GOP only talks a good game when they have no power. The moment they’re elected, they become spineless jellyfish. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention in the last chapter, one other sector of society that’s heavily vaccinated is teachers, and school administrators, and workers, so we’re going to see, of course, a massive die off in that sector as well. Politically speaking, most teachers and school administrators are Democrats and leftists, over 90 percent, so that just goes hand-in-hand with what we’re saying here in this chapter, which is the political changes that are coming are going to be rather dramatic. We’re going to see also the census completely reconfigured, because blue states are losing so much population. Not only are people migrating out of cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, and out of states like California and New York, and those people are migrating to states like Texas and Florida, but we’re also going to see, of course, the disproportionate die off in the blue cities and states. When we start to look at population figures, and what this means to the Electoral College 10 years ahead, and what it means for the number of seats in the House and Congress, you can see, California is going to lose seats, New York, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon, these blue cities and states are going to lose a tremendous amount of political power over the next several years. But that’s even the biggest story here: They’re going to lose economic power, as well. We’re going to cover that in a subsequent chapter here. 
 Just remember, the entire political landscape will be re-engineered. The other important thing to remember is that you, as a survivor of the vaccine Holocaust, your vote will have more power, your vote will count more, because there are fewer people voting, because there are fewer people living. We’re going to see a drastic population reduction in the United States and around the world. The fewer people there are, the more each person’s single vote counts. This is going to underscore the importance of being politically active in this environment, in this ghost world. You’re going to be able to truly make a difference, your vote is going to count, and you’d better exercise it, so that we don’t fall into the insane left wing lunacy that got us to this point in the first place. We’ve got to extricate ourselves from this, and, frankly, this is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to assert pro-liberty views, pro-Christian policies, pro America policies as the Democrats continue to die off. It’s sort of the one thing that Democrats are doing that is pro-America, is removing themselves from the gene pool, removing their communist ideas, it’s actually a benefit to America as a whole. Not that we wish that upon anyone, but they have chosen to remove themselves. They’ve won the Darwin Award, so to speak, and the result is that there will be fewer communists and fewer Marxists, and thus, they won’t be pushing the country so radically to the left. I want to remind you that this process is gradual, the die-off is gradual, and even though this will be felt in the 2022 midterms, it will be felt more in 2024, and even more in 2026, and yet more in 2028, and so on. You may not notice it that much in the midterms, although probably just the anti-Biden vote is going to be huge, but you’re definitely going to see this in 2024, 2026, and so on. You’re going to notice there’s a lot fewer liberals living, because they took the vaccine. Now, interestingly, 92 percent of LGBT have taken the vaccine, because transgenders and those in the LGBT community, they like to think of themselves as being independent, and as being anti-establishment, and being unique and individual, and so on, they’re delusional. They’re actually all obedience worshipers, and they do exactly what they’re told, and they go with the herd, and they’re actually conformists. They think they’re unique and individual for having blue-haired, nose-pierced, and being lesbians. No, they’re just going along with the blue haired, nose pierced, lesbian herd, which is going to die off, because of these vaccines. Once again, we have a group of people, who have chosen to commit vaccine suicide, which means that their influence on the future of the world will be greatly diminished, because they will be dead or hospitalized, maimed, sickened and not functioning in society. They won’t be as politically active when they’re dead or injured. You know, that’s the other point in all of this that I’ve neglected to mention here: It’s not just not just those who die that affect all of these issues, it’s also those who are sickened, and hospitalized, or maimed, because when they’re injured to a sufficient degree, they can no longer operate in society. They may have extreme neurological disorders, making them unable to leave the house, or they may have extreme cardiovascular disorders, making them unable to leave the house. They can’t walk, for example, they can’t drive, so they’re less likely to vote, they’re less likely to be vocal, they’re less likely to be politically active. So it’s not just dead people, it’s also the injuries and the hospitalizations and the maiming of so many people. That’s going to have a major impact.
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 By the way, somebody is going to have to take care of all those people who are injured, and this is another entire topic here, but it’s a big question, who’s going to do that when everybody’s busy trying to keep society running, trying to run government, and run the nuclear power plants, and run the corporations, and run the trucking and logistics, and run the grocery stores? Because all of that is happening in a desperate situation die to the die-off. Who’s going to take care of the injured? Who’s going to take care of the maimed? I think part of the answer is, at some point, you’re going to see society pushing very aggressive mass euthanasia for those who are COVID injured. This has already begun in New Zealand, where the government there has passed a law, a euthanasia law, that now even rewards doctors with $1,000 bonus for euthanizing COVID patients. This is absolutely true, this is all confirmed, this is a real thing. If you have COVID, they can euthanize you in New Zealand, apparently with your consent, whatever that means, where they pick up your hand and make you sign a tablet or something, “Oh, he consent it,” and then they kill you and the doctor gets $1,000 bonus. I believe this practice is going to expand quite dramatically, where you’re going to see substantial financial rewards to doctors and hospitals for killing people, who are vaccine injured. For those out there who took the vaccine and said, “Oh, I believe in science,” actually, you’re probably going to be organ harvested, and you’re going to be sacrificed under this system of rogue medicine. It is a depopulation, genocidal agenda after all, and you bet on the wrong horse, you bet on doctors being ethical, and they’re not, they’re murderers. You bet on science being accurate, and it isn’t. The science is fraudulent. You bet on government being honest and transparent, and they aren’t. They’re dishonest, and they’re trying to kill you. If you took the vaccine, you’re already dead, it’s just a matter of time, and what it looks like. Are there things that people can do to stop the vaccine from killing them in the years ahead? Well, perhaps, that’s not the focus of this special report, but you can read my articles on If you want to get information about how to save yourself from these vaccines, there are things that can fight the spike protein, there are things that can improve the quality of your blood, there are things that are neuroprotective, so I would imagine that there are ways to substantially reduce your risk, even if you took the vaccines. However, that being said, most people, the vast majority of people, will not take any steps, because they still don’t realize they’ve been poisoned. They still think the vaccine is a wonderful thing, which is what Trump is saying, as well, and so they’re not even going to take the black cumin seed, or the lactoferrin, or vitamin D, or zinc, or quercetin, or anything, or even honey. Raw honey, by the way, is useful. You can learn more about those natural remedies and defenses against the spike protein at 
Now expanding this to a global point of view. Let’s remember that the people dying off all over the world, including in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, everywhere – there are going to be people who tend to be pro government. They are the obedience followers, the people who believe in government authority, they’re the ones who lined up and took the shot, so they’re going to be eliminated to some degree. Who’s going to be the survivors are the true anti-establishment people, those who are skeptical of the false promises of corrupt government, those who are skeptical of the murderous Big Pharma cartels. Overall, if you look at the shift in the philosophical implications of this, which has a lot of ties to the political upshot, what we’re going to see is that the survivors are people who are more skeptical of government, skeptical of false authorities, skeptical of Big Pharma, and the FDA and the CDC and so on, and that is a move in a positive direction for the future of humanity. Those who die off are kind of the oblivious masses, who really aren’t qualified to represent the future of the human race, because, well, frankly, they’re oblivious obedience worshipers, and they’re the kind of people who can’t think for themselves, that’s, by definition, why they took the vaccine, because they can’t think for themselves, or they’re easily hypnotized, they’re easily manipulated. At one level, the globalists know this as well, and they have put this out there as a global IQ test, looking to eliminate the low IQ people around the world, which has always been one of the goals of the globalist depopulation movement, the eugenics movement. In their own minds, the globalists will say that they only seek to enhance the survivability, the long term sustainability of human civilization, and in their minds, one of the ways to do that is to kill off what they call the useless eaters, and so, this is accomplishing that in the view of the globalist, it’s killing off the useless eaters, whereas you and I, you know, we don’t want to run around the world mass murdering people just because they’re not as informed as we are. We condemn the mass genocide, but the globalists celebrate it nevertheless, that is what they are accomplishing. Understand that the average IQ in the world will rise over the next decade, that is the average IQ of those who are still alive, because the dumb, the gullible, the obedience worshipers, they will die in very, very large numbers, and so, it is what it is. You can you can make a judgment about it, you can talk about the globalist plan, it is what it is. The stupid people are going to be killed by this, and we tried to warn them, but there’s only so much you can do.
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Ghost World 2022 - 2032 
Ghost World 2022-2032
by Mike Adams
Chapter Three
The Economic Consequences
  Now that we have a fairly good grasp of who’s going to die, and perhaps some of the political implications of that, let’s talk about the economic implications of ghost world. We need to understand that cities and states and nations are almost all bankrupt right now. They are relying on new tax revenues, and in many cases, money printing, in order to try to stay afloat and meet their obligations, the entitlements that they owe the people. Those entitlements include Medicare, and Medicaid at the state level. They include Social Security, and of course, government pensions – so they include retirement benefits and health care benefits among retirees. Now, since most of these government entities at the city state and national level are bankrupt, they’ve long realized that the only way they can stay financially solvent is to find a way to kill off a large percentage of those who are collecting entitlements from them, and so, this vaccine mass suicide scenario that we’re discussing here, it fulfills that goal for these cities and states, and again, we can talk about how immoral it is and how unethical it is and how murderous it is, and for the record, it is murderous, and it is pure evil, yet, when have governments ever not been evil? Governments, it’s almost like they celebrate being evil just to stay in power. They don’t want to lose power because of a financial bankruptcy, so if there’s a way they can kill off the entitlement recipients, or kill off the Social Security collectors, or kill off the Medicare collectors, and so on, well, they would love to do that, hence, they’re pushing booster shots. Basically, they’re announcing to people hurry up and die, and they really want to kill the elderly, because that’s who’s not paying taxes, that’s who’s just collecting money, the retirees, and so that’s who they’re targeting to kill. The problem with this evil plot is that their weapon system that’s designed to kill off the elderly, is also killing off a lot of young people and middle-aged people, who are the workers of society. They are contributing to society, they’re the ones paying taxes and buying property and earning paychecks. They are the consumers that are driving the tax base that keeps cities and counties and states and nations alive, financially speaking. This mass carpet bombing of the population with a weapon of genocide, that, on one hand, could have saved these entities a lot of money and actually kept them solvent, is going to have another devastating effect that’s actually going to lead to the total economic destruction of many of these government entities, and that is the mass killing off of the productive class. This is Economic Consequences Chapter 3  what you need to understand. This is why we covered this in previous chapter, when it’s the working class that was forced to be vaccinated in the corporations; and in Big Tech; and in government – the government workers, city workers, and so on – when that kicks in, and it’s already started, the die-off is going to devastate these government entities. They’re going to experience economic losses that they did not anticipate. These losses are going to be far greater than the savings that they are realizing by killing off the entitlement takers. What’s this actually going to look like? Well understand that cities and states, their revenues are very heavily dependent typically on income taxes, as well as sales taxes, and property taxes. Counties, they need property taxes, cities often have sales taxes, states usually have sales taxes and income taxes. And the other states that don’t have the income taxes like Texas, for example, they have heavy taxes on energy, and we’ll talk about that shortly, and Wyoming for example, earns a significant portion of its income from energy, and this is true for several different states. The energy sector is going to be very heavily impacted as well. We’ll talk about that later. In states that will lose the working class or some significant portion of the working class, they’re going to lose, of course, the income tax. As the die-off accelerates in blue cities and blue states, you’re going to see a collapse of real estate values. Properties are going to collapse. In fact, there will be a glut of real estate that’s especially magnified in the blue areas. As a result, property prices are going to absolutely collapse. I would not be surprised to see property plunge 70 percent to 80 percent in some of these blue cities. It could even be worse, it could be 90 percent. I mean, imagine paying off a house for 1/10 of what it costs today, that could be a reality within five or six years, depending on the rate of the die-off. This will devastate economically these municipalities, because, of course, they depend on property taxes, which is based on the evaluation of the property. As the properties plummet in value, because of the real estate crash, because of the die-off then these counties are going to lose a massive amount of revenue. The same thing is true in many states, because there are fewer people alive that are shopping, so fewer people are paying sales tax, fewer people are paying income tax, fewer businesses are paying inventory, taxes, and so on. By the way, they also earn revenue from fuel taxes. With fewer people living, there are going to be fewer people driving. And so, fewer people will purchase fuel, and obviously, that’s going to have a devastating impact. Now, here’s where it gets really crazy. These blue cities have been very, very large cities, look at Los Angeles, look at San Francisco, San Diego, even Portland, Seattle, you name it. These cities have built very large infrastructure. Even though they will have a mass die-off, and a collapse of their incoming revenue, it doesn’t mean that they have less infrastructure to maintain. The question is how are these cities going to continue to maintain all the roads, and Download more FREE books at Ghost World 2022 - 2032 14 bridges, and streetlights, and sewage systems, and other infrastructure, even fire houses, and so on, that were built to support a much larger population? With that, population is shrinking, dying off; and the revenues are collapsing; and the property values are collapsing; and then, you have on top of that, an acceleration of a mass exodus out of your city – because who wants to stay behind in this freaking ghost town of lawlessness and chaos, right? So you’re going to have even more people leaving over the next 10 years. It’s going to be the people who are capable of leaving, it’s the people who have the money to move, the people who can afford to rent a U-Haul, which will be very expensive, by the way, because everybody’s going to want to run a U-Haul and get out of town. Then your city collapses financially, because you can’t maintain the infrastructure, you can’t even begin to pay for it just to keep it up, because you built, again, too many bridges, too many roads. You have this massive infrastructure that has this overhead cost, and these cities have long-term bonds that they have to pay, a 20- year bond here, a 15-year bond, a 30-year bond. They sold those bonds in order to fund infrastructure. They built schools and bridges and massive buildings and so on, and they owe on those, so they’re not going to be able to meet the obligations. You may be familiar with what’s happening with Evergrande in China right now. That’s the property developer that turned out to be a massive Ponzi scheme, which we knew was coming. We warned about that years ago. Well, the same thing is actually going to happen with municipal bonds in blue cities. If you bought paper that is bonds in Evergrande, a few years ago, Evergrande promised a very high rate of return. They might have promised you 8 percent, 9 percent, maybe even 10 percent. You thought you had a good investment, you were holding the paper, they were making interest payments, and then the whole thing collapses, and then suddenly, the paper is worth nothing. That’s going to happen to bondholders in America. People holding municipal bonds and other types of bonds in America are going to be left holding worthless paper. That’s what’s coming in America, because of the vaccines. You’re going to have a cascading financial collapse stemming from all of this, and that’s if they don’t pull the rug out from under us by deliberately collapsing the fiat currency in their global reset plans. Now, this report is not about that, but I do have another free downloadable audio book on that entire theme, and that’s called the “Global Reset Survival Guide”. You can find that at, and it’s a free download. It is mp3 files, plus a downloadable printable PDF transcript of the entire book. It tells you what’s coming financially, and how to protect yourself from that event. As these cities lose revenue, and lose their  productive citizens, and as they have very, very high overhead for infrastructure, they will default on bonds, and they will make horrific cuts to their spending. These cuts are going to see them accelerating all throughout the 2020s. These cuts will be absolutely devastating. They will cut police and firefighters. They will cut first responders, 911 services. They will cut road repair, streetlights, everything. At some point, the city becomes essentially unlivable. The retailers will all shut down, they will leave, and this is already beginning to happen in some California cities, because of the crime wave, because of all the shoplifting, and so, you’re going to see cities collapsing into ghost towns where no sane person will remain. No one wants to be left behind in a city that’s going to be, of course, ruled by drug dealers and violent criminals. There are no police to help you, there are really no remaining retail shops. It’s going to look like a wasteland in many of these cities, just empty shops, weeds growing through the cracks in the sidewalks. It’s going look a lot like that scene of New York City, in the movie “I Am Legend”, starring Will Smith, which by the way, that movie is about a vaccine zombie apocalypse. That’s actually what the film is about. Everybody turned into zombies and went crazy, and then, society collapse. That movie is kind of a premonition of what’s coming. We are heading in that direction, and it will happen in many cities. Some areas of cities like Los Angeles already look like a collapse warzone right now, certain areas of Seattle look that way, certain areas of Portland, and so on. It’s going to get far worse. I mean, if you thought Detroit was bad in 2019, wait till you see Chicago in 2029. Now, as I said, people are going to be exiting these cities in record numbers, and where are they going? Well, of course, they’re going to desperately try to find land, they’re going to move not just into the suburbs, because the suburbs are precariously too close to the cities. The suburbs are going to be hit by gang raids, looting, raids, and so on. People are going to move out into the country as much as they can, and so, at the same time that we’re seeing a collapse in values of property prices in the cities, we’re going to see very strong demand for property values in the country. Right now, I live in Central Texas, and Texas, the property values are just off the charts, it’s beyond insane. You could have bought acreage in Central Texas for under $5,000 an acre, just five years ago. Now, that same acreage is $25,000 an acre in some cases, and we’ve seen a 500 percent increase. I suspect, and a lot of that is money printing, of course, but some of that is just because everybody’s trying to get to the country, and that demand is going to continue. You see, people will learn the hard way that you don’t want to live in an artificial environment when society is collapsing. As they watch the city infrastructure fall down all around them, they’re going to realize, whoa, it would have been much better to have a well, rather than rely on municipal water. I didn’t mention municipal water yet, but that’s one of the things that’s going to collapse. The question is, how much is a commercial building worth when there’s no water? Yeah? There’s a question for you. Ask any real estate agent, anybody. How much is a commercial building worth without water? And the answer is pretty much zero. Or how much is a residential home worth if there’s no water and no sewage service? How about that? How much is a home worth if the electricity doesn’t work, or isn’t reliable? How much is a business worth without reliable electricity? You see, you can go on and on, the answer is the same, it’s all worth about zero, and that’s where this is all headed. As the infrastructure collapses, everyone will flee the cities. The real estate prices will collapse, and then it’s a self-reinforcing loop. The cities are going to become just criminal ghost towns, kind of like something out of “Escape from New York”, starring Kurt Russell, or “Escape from LA”, that’s what they’re going to look like. On the flip side, there will be a thriving economy in rural areas, and small towns across America. Let’s talk about the good news for a minute. In rural areas, you’re going to have weekend barter events set up. It’d be every weekend. You come in, you bring your eggs, you bring your harvested lettuce or whatever, you bring your ammunition that you have to barter, you bring your silver coins, and you barter. That’s going to be thriving in many areas across the country, because as people spread out and move out into the country, they’re going to learn how to be more self-reliant, self-sustaining. They’re going to learn that you actually can live off the land when you have some land that you can grow food, that you can have backyard chickens, that you can collect rainwater, you can manufacture things, you can build things, you learn some welding, you can make some things. This is what’s going to sustain society. We’re going to have a resurgence, actually, in the rebirth of rural America, at the same time that we have the absolute collapse of urban America. The future of America, it’s going to be two totally different experiences for people, depending on where they are. If you make it to a rural area, in a red state, you’re going to be in a free state part of Free America. Everybody’s got to be carrying guns, it’s got to be open carry, it’s got to be open trade, it’s got to be a free market and barter systems, versus those who are going to be stuck in the slave states, which is the blue states, with the collapsing cities, the collapsing economies, massive crime and looting and raping and violence and mayhem, lawlessness, and everything you can imagine. That’s going to be hell. Where you are determines the outcome that you’re going to experience. I’m not saying life is going to be easy, just because you move out to the countryside. It’s hard to grow your own food.
I know because I’ve done it. It’s hard to take care of animals. There’s a lot of work, physical work, and you have to have some know how, and you have to have some determination and not be a lazy welfare recipient your whole life. You got to get off your butt and do things. But it’s also healthier, it’s also more rewarding, and it’s good for your mental health, by the way, to be outside and work with nature. We’re going to see two different Americas. We’re going to see the free states, where you’re going to have freedom of speech, you’re going to have the freedom of exchange, you’re not going to be required to be vaccinated, you’re going to be free to carry a gun. Then you’re going to have the slave states,   where you’re going to be a medical slave, you’re going to be required to be vaccinated, you’re not going to be able to have a gun to defend yourself, even though there’s no police. It’s just going to be hell on earth. Those are the two different Americas that you get to choose from, and that’s why so many people are choosing right now, and then leaving California and New York, and other liberal states like New Jersey, and they’re coming to Texas or Florida, or moving to Utah, or Arizona, or Idaho, or even Indiana, Kansas, wherever, anywhere, that’s not a slave state. That’s just a small taste of the economic reality that’s coming. We’ve got a lot more to cover here. We’re going to talk about gold and silver, and means of exchange, and assets, and crypto, and all of that. I’ve got a few more thoughts to share with you about timing. Getting out of the blue cities, only the very first people to move out are going to be successful in selling their homes, because home prices are going to plummet once the idea of leaving these cities really catches on and becomes mainstream. Throughout the year 2021, there were millions of Americans who left blue cities and states, and they were able to successfully sell their homes in most cases, and they were even able to get quite a lot of money for their homes, because real estate is in a bubble due to money printing. But those are the early people, and they were very fortunate that they had the foresight to move out of those cities and states before everybody else caught on. Once people start to catch on, of course, prices are going to plummet, and you’re going to get an overreaction due to the fear and panic of what’s coming, and the sense of desperation to sell at any price to move out of the state, or move out of the city. At some point, people will simply abandon homes and commercial properties and so on, there’s going to be a lot of abandoned property in certain blue cities as they devolve into a near complete collapse state. There will be no buyers. Now, when that happens, of course, a lot of mortgages are going to go into default, because you’re going to have something like a repeat of the 2008 subprime mortgage collapse, where a lot of people will just call up the bank and say, “It’s yours. I’m going to leave the keys on the kitchen counter. You can have it, we’re not paying, we’re going to default. Bye!” You’re going to see a lot of that happening in blue  cities. This, of course, is going to cause another housing and mortgage crisis, because, by the way, the CDOs that contributed to the subprime mortgage collapse in 2008, those are being recreated and repackaged and resold again. CDOs, Collateralized Debt Obligations.
This is just the repackaging of bad subprime mortgage debt, and it’s all happening again, because no lessons were learned in 2008 by the financial industry, because everybody got bailed out, well, almost everybody got bailed out. Maybe not Bear Stearns, but, you know, Bank of America and JP Morgan, and so on, they all got bailed out. The question is, how bad is the real estate collapse going to be in the next few years as all of this accelerates? I think the outcome is going to, once again, be determined regionally. In some areas it’s going to be catastrophic, such as the collapsing blue cities. In other areas, such as the rebuilding red states, you may not have a collapse at all. You may continue to have strong demand for real estate. The point of all of this is that there’s a steep penalty to pay for being late in catching on to what’s happening, you see. You could say there’s a strong financial reward for being early, just for recognizing all of this early, but for those who don’t see this coming, and that’s the vast majority, they will be oblivious as to why they’re being wiped out. Why are they losing all the value on their property? Why is the bank recalling the loans? Now that’s going to happen too, we haven’t even talked about that yet. As property prices fall, banks can issue loan recalls where they can demand that home owners pay a large sum in order to bring the bank back down to an 80 percent loan amount, that’s outstanding on the value, the current value of the house. In other words, let’s say you buy a house in California for $1 million, and at that time, it’s worth $1 million, and you take out a loan for $800,000. You’re making payments on that loan, but you’re barely paying it down in the early days, because that’s how loans work, and then three years later, because of the property crash, that house is only worth half a million dollars, but you still owe let’s say $750,000 on a house that the bank now knows is only worth half a million dollars. Well, the bank’s not willing to let that situation ride. They’re going to come to you and demand that you pay them many hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring it back to 80 percent, which in this case would be $400,000 of a loan, so you currently owe $750,000 and needed to bring it down to $400,000. They would ask you to write them a check for $350,000, otherwise you lose the house. That’s going to happen all across these blue cities, and people have no idea that even can happen, but trust me, it’s in the fine print on your home loan. The bank can call in the loan, they can demand a principal payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
When this happens, of course, banks are going to lose big time, we’re going to have another subprime collapse. But accurately stated, many of these loans aren’t even subprime loans, they were qualified loans, it’s just that the valuations have changed so dramatically, that people can’t make the cash deposits that the bank requires to bring the loan back into balance. Now, another thought in all of this is that there’s only a limited amount of rural real estate in  the red states, and of course, because of that natural scarcity, right now, prices are going up, up, up in those red states. Even following the collapse of the dollar, it’s quite possible that real estate valuations will remain relatively stable in rural areas of red states, again, because there will be many millions of people trying to get there. But not everybody is going to be able to do that, because of how expensive that real estate is, and because their homes are losing value in their own blue cities. What they’ll do instead, because it’s the only thing they can afford, is they’ll try to get into a red state, but into an apartment building that is relatively affordable in that red state, probably in a city or a suburb. So, I see that apartment rental rates are going to go up, as all of this is happening, because of this mass migration, and you’re going to see real estate valuations skyrocket in those areas, or in those segments of housing that are on the lower end of affordability. You’re going to see a surge in demand. Because of this, you’re going to have, of course, more property tax revenues in these cities that are in red states or in these suburbs, many of these would be you can say red suburbs, or possibly blue cities, but they’re not all the way radical blue. These counties and cities are going to need to use that money to build out more infrastructure, because of the increased population. So, you can actually have a problem where even though we’re talking about a ghost world scenario, and some cities being ghost towns or go cities, other areas could be overcrowded with huge traffic problems, such as Austin, Texas. I would imagine the traffic in Austin is going to get far worse than what it is already, and it’s bad now. That’s why I never go there, if I can help it. Just keep in mind that when I say “ghost world,” and we are talking about overall a population reduction, there are some areas that could see very strong increases in population density, and therefore, demand for all the services that the population needs, such as housing, and gasoline, and plumbers, and electricians, and so on and so forth. We’re going to see a redistribution, we’ll see a tearing down of infrastructure, in places like Los Angeles, but then a renewed investment in infrastructure in states like Florida, and Texas, and Oklahoma, and Idaho, and Montana, and so on. That’s what we’re looking at. Again, the overall point of this subchapter, is that if you can see this coming, if you can anticipate this, you’re going to be so much better off than everyone else, because you’ll beat the crowd, you’ll be able to acquire property in advance of the mob, so to speak, for a lot less money, or you’ll be able to set yourself up in a local business that provides services or housing, or whatever is needed by these new growing high density population centers. That’s my take on this. Remember, even if the vaccine kills many tens of millions of people in the red states that might only translate into, let’s say, a 15 percent or 17 percent loss of population, and that could be very easily recouped by just the domestic immigration, people just moving into those cities. The real ghost towns are going to be the blue cities, not the red states.
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Ghost World 2022-2032
by Mike Adams
Chapter Four
Living In The Post Ghost World Economy
  hat does it look like? As we saw in the previous chapter, the world’s economies will be devastated by the die-off, by the vaccine genocide, but in the place of those collapse economies, there will rise new economies, new opportunities, people will find ways to live, those who are survivors, of course, and there will be entirely new economies created that do not exist today. In this chapter, we’re going to go through some of the economic opportunities, and talk about how people will live day-to-day after this die-off runs its course. Now, there’s going to be a concerted effort by the governments of the world to exploit this collapse situation that they have engineered to try to force everybody into a surveillance electronic money system. They’re planning to collapse all of the world’s fiat currencies, and thereby, loot everybody who’s holding those currencies. They’re going to steal people’s savings and steal people’s dollars. They’re going to try to force people into surveillance currencies, which are electronic, central bank run digital wallets that will track everything you do, and that will be used to control you, to control your behavior, to control what you’re allowed to buy, or even where you are allowed to spend money, or who you’re allowed to take money from in transactions. It’s a mark of the beast system. It is a kind of cryptocurrency but it is crypto that’s fully centralized under the central banks, and that’s why a lot of the people in the world will reject these systems. We’re going to see two economies as all of this unfolds, in the same way, we’re going to see two different countries. We’re going to see the collapse slave state America, and then the abundant Free State America that we talked about in the last chapter. We’re also going to see an economic system run by the central banks, and then, an alternative parallel system that will include cryptocurrencies, as well as silver, gold, ammunition, and other forms of barter, and that’s – we could call that the underground economy, although I don’t think it will be underground at all. It will be mainstream. Many people will buy and sell outside the traditional system. You’re going to see this all over rural America, where people are buying and selling and trading at farmer’s markets and co-ops and weekend events, and there’s going to be a rather vibrant, parallel economy that doesn’t use the government’s central control systems. Now, at the same time this is happening, by the way, we’re going to start to see a lot of nullification of the central government in the United States. Many states will move away Download more FREE books at Ghost World 2022 - 2032 21 from Washington D.C., we’re already starting to see the early signs of that, but we’re going to see states declare themselves to be more of sanctuary states in many, many different areas, such as freedom of speech or Second Amendment, or, as we’ve seen, also in immigration enforcement. There are already sanctuary cities that do not recognize the federal immigration. Well, this trend is going to be expanded in several key ways. At some point, there will be states that likely refuse to recognize the FDA, for example, because they want to allow their own hospitals and doctors to prescribe ivermectin or other prescription medications that are not preferred by the FDA or the CDC or Fauci, or the other medical totalitarians. So, we could see quite a lot of breaking up of the current United States into standalone, separate states, and even perhaps, separate nation states. Now, as this is happening, don’t forget that the blue states and blue cities are going to be collapsing economically, and there’s going to be a mass exodus out of those areas. So, one of the big new economic opportunities you could say, or just an area of economic activity, is going to be “salvage.” When I say salvage, allow me to paint the picture here, we’re going to have counties and cities auctioning off the rights for teams or individuals to salvage abandoned homes and abandoned buildings. Since the counties don’t have the personnel to conduct the salvage themselves, they will auction these off to companies that will actually become very, very successful going into homes, braving the possibility of encountering dead bodies, and pulling out the appliances, and the clothing, and the firearms, and the jewelry, perhaps used vehicles, tools, ammunition, anything else that they can find, that can be taken out of the home and sold somewhere else. Now, what’s interesting to me is that copper is extremely expensive right now, copper for electrical use, as well as aluminum and other metals, just about every metal is going up in price other than gold and silver because they are artificially suppressed. But if you look at aluminum, and you look at steel, and you look at copper, and even things like magnesium rods, and so on, they’re all going up in price, so the salvage operations that will be taking place in America, in the abandoned blue cities, will include stripping the electrical wiring out of entire neighborhoods. Somebody is going to reclaim the copper, and then that copper is going to flood back into the market to be used for new projects. Yes, copper is so extremely valuable that you’re going to have teams go into homes, and literally rip the electrical mains out of the home, and rip the underground wire out from underneath the neighborhood, and they’re basically just going to copper strip entire subdivisions, and commercial buildings, for that matter. You’re going to have entire corporations set up to do nothing but wire stripping. Some  teams will go out onto the fields, and they will get wire, they’ll get it from homes, they’ll get it from companies, they may even steal it, and some of that happens today. Then they’ll bundle up all this wire, and they’ll take it to wire processing companies that are set up near these abandoned cities. The wire processing companies will have stripping machines that strip the plastic or polymer vinyl insulation off the wire, and then, that will be sold to wire smelters that will melt down the wire and make new wire out of it. That’s going to be running 24/7, all across America. This is part of the reverse-building. It’s kind of the tearing down or recycling of the infrastructure itself. In a similar way, you’re going to have counties and cities that will tear up existing roads, because they don’t want to maintain them. You’ll have paved roads that will be converted to gravel roads. In that process, large machines are brought in to chew up the pavement, and then they produce large piles of what was previously asphalt, and then there’ll be a secondhand market for the large piles of asphalt, which will be used by perhaps smaller cities or individual landowners to pave their roads with something that’s a little bit better than gravel, but not nearly as expensive as having a properly manufactured asphalted highway. You’re actually going to see many, many efforts made to tear down infrastructure. There’s going to be a large secondhand market of using the raw materials that come out of that effort. There’s going to be obviously a lot of concrete, that’s going to get chewed up, and someone will use the concrete to fill ditches or fill ravines or do landfills somewhere. They’re probably going to be airports that are downsized, entire wings of airports that will be closed and they may be completely stripped of everything – wiring, lights, plumbing, copper, tubing, everything you can Imagine. They’re going to be stripped out of there. Nationwide, the salvage operations will be large scale, because remember, we’re talking about, depending on the state, anywhere from maybe 15 percent to 30 percent of the total population of that state will be dead, and so, you’re going to have a lot of recycling of all the stuff, and that’s going to get processed by entrepreneurs, who make this their job. Now, in addition to salvage teams, you’re going to have repair businesses. This gets back to the America of, let’s say, the Great Depression era, where you couldn’t afford to just keep buying new appliances all the time or a new pair of shoes all the time, so you fix what you had. At that time, the American people became very ingenious about how to repair things, how to keep things running, how to keep their tractors running, for example, how to repair bicycles and bicycle tires, and you use everything, you kept an inner tube, you kept rubber, you kept leather, you kept string, and twine, and baling wire, and tape, and you learn how to fix things. You know soldering, and welding, and hammering, and just epoxy things back together, whatever it takes. That day is coming back as well. We’re going to see across America, a very large industry that’s localized of people who repair things, and they will repair small engines, for example, lawn mowers and chainsaws, they will repair battery-operated devices. There’s going to be quite a market in cordless tools, secondhand tools, and also the repair of such tools. There’s going to be a big secondhand market in circuit boards and components that go onto circuit boards, and there will be a lot of electronic repair that you’ll see locally. When you go to barter for food or medicine or anything of that nature. You’re going to see a booth, or several booths, of people who do repairs. One booth will be knife sharpening, another booth will be shoe and boot repair, and another booth will be appliance repair, another booth, small engine repair, and so on. These are going to be intermixed with the small local farmer, someone who’s got meat for sale, someone who’s made herbal medicine, someone selling garden seeds, someone bartering ammo, someone doing ammo reloading, someone offering security services in exchange for room and board, for example. These types of things, this is what you’re going to see at a lot of the local farmers markets or barter events or whatever you want to call them, flea markets, I guess there’s lots of different names for these types of things. Now, then, in addition to salvaging appliances and other things that are left behind by the recently dead, I believe in many cities, you’re actually also going to have dead body recovery teams that are private companies. I think that they’re going to be hired by the counties and the cities to clear out dead bodies that have been discovered in homes and commercial buildings, apartments, and so on. Normally, this is done by the county coroner, but the county coroner is going to be obviously overwhelmed, too many dead bodies, can’t handle it. If the coroner, if that office has a lot of people who took the vaccine, then many of them will die as well, so they’re going to be short on personnel, plus the city won’t have much of a budget. Yes, there are going to be teams that recover bodies, and just pull them out of homes and then take them for cremation or maybe some documentation processing and so on. Once the bodies are cleared out, then the salvage teams will be sold the rights to come in and conduct salvage operations on those former residences or commercial operations. This is going to be going 24/7 in many of these blue cities, and you’re going to see body bags being pulled out of apartment buildings on a regular basis, and then appliances, and so on. There’s going to be a lot of vans parked outside to move all this stuff in and out. Now in addition to the markets, you’re going to see a lot of thrift stores, and currently, we have thrift stores across America, and many people enjoy shopping at thrift stores, because you can find some great deals and a lot of things are in perfectly good shape. You don’t always have to buy something new, right? You can use something that secondhand, secondhand clothing, secondhand dishes, or kitchen ware or furniture, lots of things like that. Well, you’re going to see thrift stores popping up in huge numbers in almost every rural community across the country, especially in the free states, obviously. They may not be allowed in some of the slave states, the blue states, but at least in the free states, you’re going to see a lot of these popping up. Now, what’s really interesting to me about these thrift stores that are going to pop up everywhere is that the successful ones will quickly become very competent at accepting many different forms of payment, whereas, currently, in the United States, before the collapse of the dollar, pretty much everybody’s getting paid in dollars, and most people are using credit cards or debit cards. A few people are using cash, but it’s all in dollars. That’s going to change substantially  as this die-off accelerates, and especially after the dollar collapse kicks in. The successful thrift stores will accept payment in various forms of cryptocurrency, not just Bitcoin but others as well, that is in places where the power grid is still working. They will also accept payment in silver, especially junk silver coins, which I believe are the Pre-1963 quarters, typically, but it’s also dimes, and nickels, and so on, that have about a 90 percent, silver content, or 91 percent, something like that. A lot of people are going to be buying and selling this junk silver, others will have one ounce silver rounds. If you’re wondering, how will you make change? Well, people are going to make change using things like .22 long rifle ammunition. That’s right, people are actually going to use ammunition as a form of coinage. A box of .22 Ammo has a very real utilitarian value, especially in a survival scenario, or if you’re growing your own food, or you have a self-defense need, and so, you’re literally going to see ammunition be used as a form of currency. We’ve already seen this in some other countries where they’re shaving off grams of gold from a gold coin. They’re literally trading in grams of gold. You can get a hotel room for a certain number of grams of gold, or you can get your haircut for a gram or something, and you can buy a meal at a restaurant for X number of grams. That could also be seen across America in many different creative ways, where it could be that the prices are displayed in grams of gold, or ounces of silver, or perhaps Bitcoin if it’s still around, or perhaps some government wallet, like fed coin currency, or whatever. As you know, the people who want to be free after all of this, they’re not going to go in and use the fed digital wallet system, because they know it’s a surveillance system. Remember, the gullible obedience worshipers are largely killed by the vaccine, and so, the ones who are going to be remaining alive, the survivors of all of this, are people who will tend to be those who don’t want to take part in a mark of the beast system that’s really a surveillance grid. They don’t want to be tracked, they don’t want to be controlled by the government, so there’s going to be a tremendous amount of resistance against these electronic wallets. By the way, I think that people are going to be very wise to stay out of those electronic wallet systems, and use almost any other form of money. This is where cryptocurrency potentially can shine, but of course, the central banks are going to attack crypto and try to discredit it and try to bring it down, I believe they’ve already infiltrated the stable coin operations, and they’re going to use that to crash Bitcoin and other coins, Maybe after the crash, then people will begin to use these cryptocurrencies in a truly utilitarian manner, instead of using them as speculations/ get-rich-quick schemes. Now, importantly, merchants want to reduce their transactional risk, and so, they’re looking for stability in any kind of monetary system, whether it’s crypto or coinage or what have you. They want prices to be stable, because they just want to make a little bit of a profit margin on each sale. They’re not currency speculators. Merchants will shy away from any kind of cryptocurrencies that have high volatility, which would be the ones that are used mostly by speculators and get-rich-quick people. That’s not going to be very successful in the world of actual transactions. A currency that’s good for transactions is a currency that’s boring, that never goes up, never goes down, just as stable can be, and frankly, gold and silver are the ultimate currencies in that category. There’s no doubt in my mind that gold and silver will be represented in the future economy in some way, perhaps in these barter systems, or buy, sell  trade events. Certainly in transacting purchases for vehicles or for homes or businesses or farms and ranches, and so on – or even livestock. You might trade somebody 10 gold coins for 100 head of cattle, or something like that. We’re going to see that. That’s going to be very widely represented in the future. Now, here’s an interesting question for you. We talked about salvage teams, salvaging appliances and so on. Would it be worth salvaging the lumber out of the house? Or would it be worth salvaging the steel out of a steel building? I think, in many cases, the answer is yes. I think that you’re going to see commercial buildings literally torn down in many blue cities that’s disassembled in an orderly way, so that they can be reassembled somewhere else. A lot of these steel buildings are so called bolt up buildings, which means they’re just bolted together, so you have large steel structural support beams, and then you have typical steel panels or R panel for the walls and the roof and so on that are screwed in with hex head screws. Well, if you have enough labor, you can go in, and you can unscrew all that stuff, and you can reclaim all the R panels, and you can reclaim all the steel beams, everything. You can tear that building down in an orderly fashion, put it on a trailer, and you can ship it somewhere else, and I imagine we’re going to see this. We’re going to see a lot of buildings being taken down in blue cities and blue states, and shipped out to the red states, and then reassembled there. There will be people that make this their career. They are steel building salvagers, frankly. Now, what about homes? What about lumber? What about other building materials that’s in a private residence? I don’t know if it’s worth tearing out lumber, because a lot of lumber is nailed together, and when you try to take it apart, you tear it up a lot. Residential home construction typically does not involve using wood screws, they just nail everything, so I don’t know. I guess if lumber became so incredibly expensive that it’s possible people could go in and just salvage lumber and salvage wood walls and wood floors and things like that. It just seems to me like things would have to get very bad before that becomes economically justifiable, but who knows. I guess we’ll see. Now, another thing I’m anticipating since we’re talking about the practical day-to-day living in this post-collapse economy is I believe we’re  going to see local money supply initiatives that are launched. This has been done before in certain communities, but I think we’re going to see a resurgence of this. It could happen on the state level. For example, I know as a fact that the state of Texas has contingency plans to roll out its own state currency, Longhorn box or whatever, where you could just buy, sell and trade using a Texas dollar, so to speak, although it’s not $1, it’s a Texas currency. You can see this on the city level, you could see this in certain communities, and you could also see this in a distributed way through barter systems. I know some of these systems exist right now, where you sell something to someone, and you’re paid in, essentially, barter credits, and then you can go spend those barter credits somewhere else, and give them to someone who’s participating in the system. Basically, it’s just an alternative currency, or an alternative blockchain ledger, but the main purpose of it is to buy, sell and trade, typically physical goods and services. It’s not a speculation type of thing, it’s just another means of exchange, because, obviously, just raw, straight up barter is difficult, because you might have eggs and your neighbor might have ammo, and you might need ammo, but your neighbor might not need eggs. Some kind of a currency allows more liquidity in the system, reduces friction in transactions, because there could be other people out there who need eggs, and they would give you credits, and then you could use the credits to acquire the ammo. I would imagine that the most successful monetary systems following this coming collapse – in which we’re going to see a collapse in the bond market, collapse in fiat currencies, a collapse of faith in government – will be backed by something. So, if Texas, for example, launches its own currency, then it would try to back that currency by, let’s say, gold, or gold and silver What I find interesting, and I’ve talked about this publicly before, is that there are many different things that can be used to back a currency, things that have inherent value, gold isn’t the only thing. For example, you could see the petroleum industry launch its own currency backed by oil. Well, you can literally trade the currency for barrels of oil, or you know, gallons of gasoline, or gallons of diesel, or whatever the case may be, but the currency is redeemable in physical oil. Well, that’s some kind of backing, and that gives the currency some intrinsic value, so that is not just paper currency backed by nothing. Now, you can also back currency by food. This is an idea that I’ve been toying around with for some time, the concept that food is money, food is wealth, food is value, because everybody needs to eat, and everybody appreciates food, and everybody needs food on a pretty consistent basis. I mean, yes, you can go on a diet, and you can do intermittent fasting for a little while, but, believe me, sooner or later, you’re going to eat again, and you’re going to keep on eating. What if there were currency that were backed by food production, or upcoming harvests from participating farmers? What if there were a food cryptocurrency, where people could pre purchase, essentially, food credits that they could exchange for food in the coming year? Would that be of interest to people? And I think the answer is absolutely yes, people would love to lock in food security. I’ve had people talk to me about this and say, “Hey man, you should launch like a food farming cryptocurrency thing, because you have a lab,” which I do, I have this food testing laboratory. We test for  heavy metals and pesticides, and microbiology and everything, and we have food packaging, pretty large facility for food manufacturing, and making preparedness and storable food meals, and making extracts, and liquid supplements and superfood pouches and powders and canisters. We do all that. It is possible that, depending on where this economy goes, we might allow our infrastructure to be used for something that would benefit people by making food more reliable and more available to a greater number of people, especially clean food, which is something that I’m really into, clean laboratory tested, scientifically verified food and supplements. I love that concept. Who knows, we’ll see where this goes, but I’m not looking to launch something like that right now. Because right now, the regulatory environment is rather insane, and I don’t want to get involved in that. But after we see the collapse of our system, if we can explore a utilitarian value with such a concept that helps people improve their food security, and reduces anxiety, and also helps farmers earn more money for the crops that they’re producing, rather than farmers always getting the short end of the stick, then I would love to be involved in a project like that, that helps bring food from farmers to the people, while verifying that the food is safe, and healthy, and nutritious. Yes, that’s probably something we’ll be doing down the road. I have to see how that takes shape, but I’m excited about the concept. Now, speaking of food, buying food is going to be a very different experience from what you’re doing now. Right now, today, most people go to a building, which is labeled a grocery store, and in this building, under this roof, there’s all this packaged processed food and a little bit of unprocessed food, the fresh vegetables, and perhaps the butcher section, but mostly, it’s a bunch of processed junk food, nutrient-depleted garbage food, glyphosate-contaminated foods, and so on, and that’s what people tend to eat right now. I think that as our society collapses, for all the reasons we’ve talked about here, a lot of the processed food industry, which is very centralized, is going to disappear, because they won’t have the workers, they won’t have the logistics, they won’t have the ability to manufacture and distribute those items on a nationwide basis, and frankly, even the farming won’t be functioning with the necessary efficiency to provide the raw materials to these food manufacturers. I think that food acquisition is going to become very heavily decentralized. A lot of the big grocery stores are going to end up opening up much smaller, more localized, almost convenience stores, but not in the way of a 7/11 or anything, it’s actually going to be little local neighborhood grocery stores, kind of like the way they used to be in the 1950s, and 60s, so you have a small selection of fresh vegetables at a local corner store that you can ride your bike to, because not everybody is going to have access to fuel, or it might be unaffordable. It’s going to be a lot of local transportation, a lot of local farming, and you’re going to have small local retail outlets working directly with local farmers, in ways that they wouldn’t do right now, because maybe the farm is too small to serve a big grocery chain, but in the future, a small farm might be a perfect fit for a small retail outlet, they can provide just the right amount of cabbage or carrots or what have you. Now, along those lines, I need to bring your attention to the fact that most Americans have no idea about the seasonality of food. They think that all food is available all year. This is an illusion, and it’s an illusion that has been maintained by importing food all year from Mexico, Central America, and South America, where the growing seasons are, of course, in many cases, year round, closer to the equator. If you’re really living in North America, especially if you’re living in Canada, and if you’re really eating local, then by definition, you’re eating seasonal foods, and that means you’re only going to have certain types of foods at certain times of the year. It’s crazy how far our culture has taken people away from the food supply, and what it really means to eat seasonally. You wonder, well, in Thanksgiving, why do you always have pumpkin pie, and cranberries, what’s going on, and why turkeys and so on? Well, those were the seasonal foods that were available at that time. You had the winter squash, you had the pumpkins, and the different holidays, look at what people ate traditionally at the holidays, and it’s actually a very good description of what seasonal eating looks like. You eat what’s available now. You’re going to have fruit in the summer, you’re going to have nuts in the summer in the fall, you’re going to have nuts in the fall, you’re going to have the early crops in the spring, you know, but you’re not going to have strawberries year round, you’re not going to have carrots in the winter, you’re not going to have celery in February. This is not the way the world actually works. As the food supply shrinks to become more local, people are going to be eating more seasonally, and that means, obviously, your supplier is going to be very limited, your selection is going to be limited, and people are going to have to radically change the way that they even think about food. You can’t eat the same thing all year round. This is going to cause people to, by necessity, become more in tune with the planets in the sun, because seasonality has everything to do with the relationship between the Earth and the sun. The Earth has a tilt on its axis, relative to the orbital plane that the Earth takes around the sun. The Earth distance from the sun is not equidistant at all times of the year, and because of the axial tilt, there’s less sunlight in the winter months wherever you are on the planet, which is, of course, December, January, February in the Northern hemisphere, or June, July, August in the Southern hemisphere. This is all based on physics, and it’s all based on the sun, the Earth, the position of planets. You know, humanity has forgotten most of that, because you go into an artificial building to buy groceries, and it has artificial light, and there’s an artificial freezer, and you have food from all over the world, you don’t even know how it got there, and it’s food from seemingly every season. You can buy spring, summer, winter and fall food from all over the world all at once, and you lose touch with reality, and that’s why most people just have no understanding of where their food comes from, or what it even means to be a farmer, or how hard it is to produce food. That’s going to be a big wake up call for a lot of people – how much work it takes to grow some food. Unless you’re good at farming, it can take you more than one day to grow a day’s worth of food. It’s actually very hard to grow more food than you consume without the use of fossil fuels, and you can do it with certain animals. If youhave oxen or if you have horses that can pull a plow, you can do that animal-powered farming, and that’s a multiplier of human effort, and that’s how human civilization was able to survive and make it through the early industrial age and so on, before farming automation came along, I guess the agrarian age, they use animals. If you try to garden and farm just using your own two hands, you’re probably going to starve to death. At some point, you need a force multiplier in order to not starve. Those force multipliers are diesel engines, tractors, animals, automation machines. The thing is, a lot of those machines will no longer function after the scenario, because the ghost world will also have logistics problems, supply chain problems, for getting parts, so good luck trying to get parts for your tractor, or parts for your truck, or parts for your combine, or your hay baler, what have you, good luck, and hence, you’re going to have an entire industry of aftermarket repair, and third party product, custom manufacturing, if you need a custom part, to keep your tractor running. It might be worth a lot of money to get that part made. By the way, a similar situation is true, and we talked about food here, but it’s similar with textiles as well. People don’t know where cotton comes from; they don’t know where jeans come from; they don’t know where wool comes from. People literally do not know that wool comes from sheep, amazingly, or that cotton comes from plants, or where does blue jean material come from, or how do you get the material making shirt, or how do you weave a shirt? By the way, how do you weave textiles without automation, without computers, without a power grid, even? It’s a very difficult thing. If you look at the old historical cotton looms, and you look at the people who could spin thread out of a giant wad of cotton, and mostly it was women who did that job, by the way, and you come to realize, “Oh, my goodness there was a time in world history when women just sat in chairs with a spinning loom in front of them, and they just spun cotton into thread, just to make the thread.” From there, you have to sew, you have to weave the textiles, you have to sew on the buttons, and stitch the pockets, and make the shoes and everything by hand. I mean, go look at the way the Amish live, and recognize the wisdom in Amish living, because the Amish have never abandoned the core skills that are required to survive in a collapsed society, and the Amish by and large are not vaccinated, by the way. As a result, the Amish are going to be big time survivors in all of this, but more importantly, the Amish have skills. They know how to build a barn by hand, using Download more FREE books at Ghost World 2022 - 2032 30 hand tools. I’m not talking about your 20-volt DEWALT cordless superduper screwdriver, drill combination, whatever. I’m talking about hand tools, hammers, and nails, and steel wedges, and hand drills – you actually power the drill with your hand. The Amish know how to do that. They know how to build furniture, they know how to milk cows and turn the milk into butter and cream. They know how to create food out of essentially nothing. That skill set, frankly, is not that common anymore, and in those people who don’t have those skills, they’re going to be hurting, many of them are going to be starving. Now, let’s talk about cars here for a bit. There’s going to be a glut of cars, obviously, so for a while there’s going to be a huge supply in the U.S. car market, but this will be a temporary thing for a couple of reasons. However, in the early days, you’ll be able to have almost any car or truck you want, because there’ll be so many available, obviously, because the previous owners died. Now, a lot of the supply lines for the manufacturing of parts for those vehicles will be severely impaired, and so, over a period of several years, it will be increasingly difficult to get parts for the cars. A lot of vehicles will be abandoned for parts, so you’re going to have a lot of extra cars and trucks, and you’re going to have massive parts and salvage operations, even bigger than what you see today, your typical junkyard or pull apart type of operation, where you go in and pull your own part off of a vehicle, you know, and then you’re paying for the part. There are a lot of those that already exist, but that’s going to become an even bigger business, because people are going to be desperately looking for parts to keep their vehicles running. For a while, that will be successful. The real thing that’s eventually going to spell the end of the viability of all these cars and trucks is going to be tires. Tires are not just rubber, they are vulcanized rubber, and I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the process of vulcanization, but if you take rubber, latex, natural rubber, tree latex, and you mix it into a certain consistency, and you can force it into a mold in the shape of a tire, but to make it hard, you have to vulcanize it. If I’m remembering correctly, the vulcanization involves the use of sulfur atoms that are pushed through the rubber in gaseous form, I forgot the exact chemistry of it, but you’re basically hardening and solidifying the rubber into a very durable material through a one way chemical process that cannot be reversed. You have to have fresh rubber in order to make fresh tires that are vulcanized, and if they’re not vulcanized, they won’t work, because they’re not durable enough. The vulcanization of tires happens at only a few key companies around the world, probably fewer than a dozen, maybe, I don’t know, maybe only half a dozen tire manufacturers in the world that produced the vast majority of all the tires out there, and those are very centralized operations. You know, companies like Michelin and so on. Those companies probably required mass vaccination of their own employees, but even if they didn’t, those companies have very  long complex supply lines. Rubber, for example, is a very difficult resource to get, and it was one of the key resources that was fought over in World War II, because rubber is used to make gaskets and parts that are used on vehicles, and airplanes, and other instruments of war, or at least World War II, so rubber was very aggressively sought after, and it was a German scientist that came up with the alternative to rubber, which I think eventually became known as polyurethane. Polyurethane is not nearly as good as rubber, but it’s kind of a cheap replacement, it can work in a pinch, you can make polyurethane gaskets, and so on. They don’t last as long as rubber, but you do the best you can with what you have. Nevertheless, rubber depends on long supply lines, and a working global economy with ocean shipping and functioning ports, and a working financial system on an international basis that can support these transactions that are necessary for the buying and selling and shipping and delivery of rubber. What I’m trying to say here is that all the cars that you see driving down the road right now, they depend on a very complex supply chain that starts with rubber trees in tropical forests, basically, from countries like Brazil, and many other countries close to the equator. You can’t really produce rubber in North America or Canada, you can’t produce rubber in the United Kingdom, or Germany, or Northern Russia, and so on. You have to get rubber from certain parts of the globe, so you have to have an entire global system functioning in order to get that, and if you don’t have that resource, it’s very, very difficult to artificially acquire it or to synthesize it. Unless society is functioning with very high efficiency at a very high level, it’s very likely that tire manufacturing is going to cease to function. Since tires that are already vulcanized have a limited shelf life of just a few years, then it’s only a matter of time, only a few years, before most cars and trucks and vehicles are no longer functional. Even if you don’t have the tread worn out on tires, they begin to degrade, they begin to crack and become fragile, and eventually they blow out and so on. The question is going to be not really can you get the fuel to keep vehicles running, or can you even get the parts, the question is going to be can you get the tires? I see the tires as the weak link in keeping vehicles on the road. What this means, in my view, is that a lot of the transportation is going to devolve into the local economy, where people are using literally bicycles, and some people are walking on foot, and some people may have electric scooters that work for a while, some people may be able to get by on motorcycles for a while, but then they have a motorcycle tire problem as well. I see a future where you’re going to have a lot of human-powered transportation, or animal powered transportation, literally horses pulling buggies, just like the Amish that we mentioned. It is one of the more efficient means of transportation in a low tech environment. On this theme, by the way, I’m going to plug my other upcoming audio book, which is also free of charge, and it’s called “Resilient Prepper”. That book, once available, can be downloaded for free from The book focuses on having a low tech solution to every area of survival that’s necessary for you to live such as food, or water, or transportation, or self-defense, shelter, you name it. In every area, we talk about a high tech solution, a low tech solution, and then a no tech solution. By no tech, we mean, it requires virtually no replacement parts, no moving parts, nothing complex, just things that you can repair yourself, so that’s going to be a very interesting book, and very, very insightful, I think. I think you’ll find it valuable. In terms of describing what life is going to be like living under all of this, in the post collapse economy of the ghost world, you’re going to spend a tremendous amount of time growing food, processing food, buying and selling things, transporting things, just getting them to your home. You’re going to spend more time cooking and baking, because you’re not going to have access to all the processed food. You’re probably not going to be microwaving instant meals. You’re not going to have drone delivery of your hot pockets or whatever. You’re going to be living in a world that’s closer to the 1950s, which is actually, in many ways, a much better world. In this environment, you’re going to have to become a lot more resourceful. We’re all going to have to learn to do without the things that we want. We won’t have the convenience of the instant products at the store that we have today. You’re not going to walk into a grocery store and have “Oh, here’s an instant dinner, rotisserie chicken, just pay for it with your food stamps, and take it home.” No, you’re not going to have that. You’re going to have to raise the chicken, you’re going to have to kill the chicken, you’re going to have to pluck the feathers out of the chicken, gut the chicken, roast the chicken yourself, which means you’re going have to have your own rotisserie in your own wood supply, or however you’re cooking it. I mean, it gets complicated. Frankly, most people don’t have chicken pluckers. I know this because I actually do have a chicken plucker, which is a giant cylindrical machine that has a bunch of little rubber like fingers on the inside, and you connect it to a garden hose. I’ve never used it, by the way, because I don’t eat my chickens, I just eat their eggs, but I bought this in case we have a collapse scenario. If you have to pluck a chicken, you kill the chicken, you drain its blood, and first of all, you have to have a funnel, you stuffed a chicken’s head down the funnel out the bottom, you take a knife, and again, I’ve never done this, you take a knife, you slit the chickens throat, and then the chicken bleeds out. After it’s dead and bled out, then you cut off the head and you throw it into the chicken plucker, and then you turn on the garden hose, and the chickens spins around and around, until all its feathers are pulled out. You have this like naked chicken carcass, you take it out, and then you have to gut it, and process it, and clean, and all that stuff. So yes, welcome to the new world, I guess, that’s what it’s going to be like. You’re not going to have instant white meat chicken McNuggets, just microwave in 60 seconds and enjoy your meal. You’re not going to have that. You’re going to be plucking chickens. Or I guess what we might call “Welcome to your dinner of chicken McNuggets, get started now if you want to eat later,” that’s what it’s going to be like. Food’s going to be a lot more difficult to acquire. Everything’s going to be more scarce, because we’re going to suffer this collapse of the complex society. We won’t have these mass efficiencies, we won’t have all the manufacturing from China, with slave labor, by companies that pay no attention to environmental regulations and things like that. You’re going to have a very different world, where products are much more difficult to come by. That’s going to be a shock for a lot of people. Well, for most people, it’s going to be a real shock. This is why the philosophy of preppers right now is to get these complex things. Today, now, while you can, things that will be very expensive and very difficult to get later on, the things that will last a long time if you buy them, well, if you buy good quality now. For example, a heavy grain mill made out of metal, a little hand-cranked grain mill, well, they can cost you $300 or $400 right now, but can you imagine trying to make a grain mill yourself, you would have to melt steel? I mean, right there that stops it for most people. It’s good to be able to get these things now, things that you can rely on later. What about a really high-end American-made aluminum canning vessel? You know, for canning, for doing canning food preservation. Where can you get these? Well, there is an online retailer named Lehman’s, Lehmans. com. I’m a customer of Lehman’s, and they sell a lot of Amish-made goods, and they also sell to a lot of Amish communities, by the way, and Lehman’s sells a lot of very heavy-duty, high-priced, American-made products that will last a lifetime, such as a canning vessel that cost hundreds of dollars. These are the kinds of things you buy once, and it lasts a lifetime. That’s going to be a real shift in mindset for a lot of people, because we’ve been in this throwaway economy for such a long period of time that people just aren’t mentally prepared to buy once and use it forever.
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Ghost World 2022 - 2032 
Ghost World 2022-2032
by Mike Adams
Chapter Five
The Cultural Consequences
  What are the implications to our culture of all of this that we’re talking about? Orphans, we’re going to have a lot of orphans, because children are very resilient against the spike protein, which is in the vaccines. Very few children are going to die from these vaccines, but many of their parents will die, because even if you’re in your 20s, or 30s, you can have fatal blood clots and be killed by the vaccines. Sadly, we’re going to have a lot of abandoned children across the country, and this is going to put an incredible burden on counties, and churches, orphanages, and many families to try to take care of the surviving children, the survivors of this holocaust. It’s going to be as if a bomb wiped out a significant portion of all the parents across the country, leaving behind all these children. Now, some of these children will die as well, because they’re vaccinated, and they haven’t been raised in a healthy way. But a lot of children will survive and need to be cared for. This is a side effect of all of this that very few people have thought about. Even though members of Congress are thrilled that they’re making money, owning stocks in Pfizer and Moderna drug companies, they haven’t thought about the millions of abandoned children who are going to need homes. How do we take care of those children? Because, well, the pharmaceuticals killed off their parents. How much is that super stock worth now, Mr. Congressman, now that you have all these abandoned children to care for, see? Hence the evil of chasing stock profits at the expense of humanity. At the same time, there are so many children needing homes and there are also going to be a lot of pets, whose owners are dead. So you’re going to have a lot of dogs and cats needing new homes, animal shelters are going to be overrun, because the animals will outlive their owners if their owners were vaccinated, and it’s going to be a very sad situation. Each of us who is a survivor here, will have to do our best to help the children and the animals, and try to ease human suffering, even though we’re living in a world where the corporations and the governments are trying to mass murder everybody. We can only do so much, right? Just do the best we can. We’re going to see a lot of pets. Now, the cultural implications of all this are going to hit families very hard as well – for a number of reasons. Of course, you’re going to have members of families die from the complications of the vaccine, so a lot of families will be hit hard by this, and they will lose people to “cancer” or “neurological disorders” or what have you, even though it’s always the vaccine. You’re going to see just accelerating die-off with every excuse under the sun, “Oh, they died from Alzheimer’s,” “Oh, they died from autoimmune encephalopathy,” who knows, just whatever. They’re going to make up excuses – the medical establishment will – to try to say it’s not the vaccines. Nevertheless, people are going to be dying off in huge numbers, and then other people are going to be injured and need care. This is going to put a special burden on families, because the unvaccinated survivors of all of this will be asked to care for the vaccinated, who nearly committed vaccine suicide but are still alive and yet need a lot of assistance because of their new vaccine induced handicap, or disability. Yes, they will have vaccine-induced disabilities. They won’t be able to walk; they won’t be able to function; they won’t be able to talk in some cases; they won’t be able to sleep well – they’re going to need medical care. At first, that burden is going to fall onto the families, but at some level, that burden is also going to fall on the medical establishment, which will already be in a state of accelerating collapse, for reasons we’ve already talked about here. Don’t expect the government to pitch in and cover any of these expenses, because at some point, the government’s going to have to admit that these are all vaccine injuries in order to say, “Well, we don’t pay for vaccine injuries. You have to take your claims to the vaccine court. We told you this was experimental medicine, and you decided to take it. We didn’t force you to take it.” Trust me this day is coming. They’ll say, “We didn’t force you to take it, you took it yourself,” which means you took the risk upon yourself, which means you deal with the consequences, you deal with the medical costs. Trust me, the health insurance companies will have to be granted immunity from vaccine injuries, otherwise, they will all go bankrupt. By the way, life insurance companies are already in an emergency crisis in terms of payouts, on life policies, and that’s going to accelerate, and many of these life insurance companies are desperately raising their rates right now to try to cover for what they know is coming, which is just a massive blowout of deaths of the insured, because they took the vaccines. Those who took these vaccines are going to die in record numbers as we know, and yet, every institution out there, the government, health insurance companies, hospitals, and so on, will try to say, “Oh, it’s not our fault. We’re not going to cover your costs, you’re going to have to cover the costs. It’s all on you.” Think about this: The vaccine companies earned all the profits from selling the vaccines, 10 bucks a vial or something, but that one vial might cause $10 million in injuries. And then the families and the victims have to pay for those injuries, so the corporations run away with all the profit, the victims have to bear the burden of all the costs, and the government protects the vaccine manufacturers. How’s that for a fair world, huh? That’s the world in which we’re living right now. The government actually protects the criminals that carried out this heinous crime against humanity. How insane is that? But that’s where we are. Now, let’s talk about cultural philosophy and the shifts that are going to take place in this. Overall, the American culture is going to become a lot more conservative, because of course, not only are liberals dying off due to the vaccines, but also the necessary life skills to survive this will necessitate people becoming more conservative and more self-reliant for all the reasons that we’ve covered here in  previous chapters. People will have to fend for themselves. They’ll have to provide more of their own self-defense or community defense; they’ll have to produce more of their own food; they’ll have to be involved in local communities. There’ll be a lot more homeschooling taking place. For example, more local barter, instead of the big mega corporations controlling everything, and as societies become more local and smaller, they tend to become more conservative by nature, because they’re less centralized, and it necessitates more self-reliance. We’re going to see a dramatic shift in the culture of America in the years ahead, over the next decade. While America might seem to be headed towards the left, right now, because of how the left has taken over Hollywood, and the schools, and the media, and Big Tech, and so on, we are about at the end of that. We’re reaching the last chapter of that aberration in history. From here forward, due to the mass die-off, things are going to move dramatically to the right. This also includes the fact that people are going to become more interested in faith, in Bible teachings and in God. Think about it, the god they once believed in, the god of government, or the god of Fauci and science or vaccines, or the god of money, or whatever they worship before, will be shattered. Their faith will be destroyed in those artificial systems. When that happens, when your government has failed you, and you lose your life savings because the currency fails you, and you lose half your family because the health care system fails you, and you realize you can’t trust doctors and you can’t trust senators and you can’t trust governors, who can you trust? Who do you turn to? The answer, for a large number of people, is going to be turning to God. They’re going to seek out answers from the Bible. They’re going to pray to Jesus Christ. They’re going to beg for forgiveness. By the way, this is the cycle of the rise and fall of civilizations. Throughout both the Old Testament and the New Testament in the Bible, happens over and over again. Civilizations turn away from God, and then they collapse and or they get destroyed, and then they beg for forgiveness and turn back to God, and God bails them out and saves them and creates abundance yet again, and we’re going to go through the exact same cycle here soon. It’s the same thing, it’s just history repeating itself. This is all in addition to the fact that a lot of the people who took the vaccines are atheists, or are Satan worshippers, and so, as they die off, of course, they take their evil belief system with them. Who’s left behind are those who tend to believe in God, which is interesting, because it’s kind of a reverse of the idea of who’s left behind in the rapture, but this is not the rapture, this is just a global vaccine depopulation bioweapon. In this case, being that is not the rapture, those who are left behind are really the survivors, and those are going to be those who avoid the vaccine and who believe in God, whereas those who die are going to be the ones who took the vaccine. Recognize that, even though they’re gone, they weren’t raptured out of here, they’re dead and sent to hell, by the way. When I say left behind in this context, please understand, I’m not talking about the rapture, I’m just talking about surviving the vaccine bioweapon. Overall, going through all of this, the culture is going to become more local, it’s going to become more personal. You will once again know your local farmer, you’ll know the shopkeeper, you’ll know the shoe repair person. Things are going to become more face-to face, and that’s in great contrast to the social isolation, the lockdowns and the masks that have been pushed all these last few years under the COVID pandemic. In addition, the culture is going to become more religious, more faith based, and it’s going to be a culture of people, who have lost faith in the institutions that failed them, i.e., government, science, banking and finance, public education, research, and medicine, healthcare, Big Tech. There’s going to be a lot of shattered faith out there. People are going to be wondering what happened. Their whole worldview will be completely destroyed by the time we get through this, because they thought science was going to save them, they thought Big Tech was going to save them through censorship, they thought government was going to save them if they just elected enough Democrats, they thought the banks would save them if they just printed more money, and so on. All of these are huge lies, and these lies are going to shatter, and as they shatter, people are going to lose their minds. They’re going to realize they’ve been living, not just a lie, but multiple lies this entire time, and that their faith has been misplaced, and when that happens, there is going to be a culture shock across the entire world, not just America, but the entire world. By the way, think about Israel, so Israel is a nation that is largely turned away from God. The typical Israeli person wants nothing to do with God, or the Bible, or the Old Testament, or even Judaism. A typical, especially a young Israeli person, is just as likely to be an atheist, or a Satanist, or globalist, as a young American. And so, most of these people in Israel have taken the vaccines. They believed in the science, they believed in authority, and now, they’re finding that the vaccines don’t work, and the hospitals are filled with vaccinated people, and the omicron variant is infecting the vaccinated people. What’s actually going to happen is that Israel is going to be destroyed, by the mass death of its own obedient people, who took the biological weapon and committed vaccine suicide. This is why I believe the Palestinians will move in, and they will take over the land that was once Israel, and Iran may go to war with Israel. You look at the whole mishmash of all the nations there, Syria, and Turkey, and Iran, and everything that’s going on, it’s a mess, but Israel as a nation has committed suicide. Why? Because Israel turns from God. This is kind of a biblical event. It’s not quite Sodom and Gomorrah, but it’s something similar. What happens when the Israelites turn from God? Well, you can read the Old Testament, and you can find out what happens. God destroys that civilization, that current regime, and yes, the nation of Israel may rise again in some other place, some other land, in the future, but as we’ve seen through the Old Testament, that every time Israel turns against God, or the Israeli people turn against God, they find themselves destroyed and homeless, that is happening again, or it’s going to happen. It’s now set in stone, it really cannot be reversed. This interpretation, by the way, just to be clear, this is not in any way anti-Israel or anti Semitic.
I wish the Israeli people had not made this mistake. I wish they had followed the real science that said boosts your immune system. I wish they had maintained belief in God, and God gave you this perfect immune system that can save you from all these so called variants, but instead, the vast majority of the people of Israel, over 90 percent, they abandon God, and they went in and worshipped the fake gods of science and medicine and government authority. As a result, they will be destroyed. That’s not anti Semitic, that’s cause and effect, that is biblical cause and effect, that’s God’s wrath unleashed upon our world. By the way, much the same is going to happen with America, so I’m not singling out Israel.
This is going to happen to Canada, this is going to happen to the United States, especially the blue states and cities, this is going to happen to many European nations, this is going to happen to Australia, New Zealand. Many other nations around the world, they’re going to be destroyed. The culture that you once knew, we will not be returning to that. You are now living in a whole new future, a different civilization than the one you grew up in, and it will never go back to the way it was.  
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Ghost World 2022 - 2032
Ghost World 2022-2032
by Mike Adams
Chapter Six
Gluts and Scarcity
  I n this chapter, we’re going to cover the gluts and the lacks, as I call them. In other words, things that are lacking, versus the glut things that are in oversupply. You’re going to see this exacerbated over the next several years as the post-vaccine die-off accelerates. I just want you to think about this in terms of where you’re putting your own assets, what expenditures you might be planning that you might put off, because prices are going to change radically. Also, as we go through this list, keep in mind the geographic location of where these die-off effects are going to be most pronounced, and we covered that in previous chapters. Let’s cover the gluts now here, and this is not a complete list, obviously. There’s going to be a lot of other things in very large supply for quite some time. There will be a glut of commercial real estate, and residential real estate, lots of homes, lots of buildings available, especially in the blue cities. There’s going to be a glut of used vehicles, we’ve already covered that. There’s going to be a glut of infrastructure, roads to maintain, streetlights, bridges, and so on. We’ve also covered how there’s going to be a large number of orphaned human children and pets as well, that are going to need to be adopted, so look for a sharp uptick in the adoption organizations that are trying to find new homes for children and for pets. There’s going to be a glut of airplanes and ocean container ships, as well as the containers themselves, a glut of cruise ships and transport vehicles. This is something we haven’t covered yet. Think about how right now there’s a shortage of ocean shipping vessels, and even though they’re running 24/7, it seems it’s just not enough for all the demand of all the consumer goods, which has been driven, by the way, by COVID stimulus money handouts, which means money printing, so that’s also a temporary thing. As this die-off accelerates, consumer demand for the consumer goods will plummet, and then suddenly, there’s going to be a glut of all of these ships and containers, including cruise ships. I would imagine there’s going to be an industry of converting cruise ships into something else. I don’t know exactly what they might be converted into, maybe hospitals, I’m not sure, but they’re going to be used for something different than what they’re being used for now. Who’s going to take your cruise when most of the people who go on these cruises are people who take vaccines, and then they’re going to die in large numbers? Watch for that change. There’s going to be a glut of power production. This is something that not a lot of people have considered. There will be too many nuclear power plants, too many coal-fired power plants, too many solar farms, and wind farms, and so on. Because of the die-off, there’ll be a drastic reduction in energy consumption, and then as a result, you’re going to have to mothball a lot of these facilities, but you’re also going to be missing the people who know how to do that, because they died too, or many of them did. You’re going to have a glut of oil all over the world, because, again, related to energy, smaller population, less consumption, less transportation, and so on. You won’t need nearly as much oil as you have now, so there’s going to be a plunging in oil prices over the next several years. It’s going to get cheap. I don’t know how cheap, but just taking a wild guess, I’m no oil expert, but I could see it hitting something like $30 a barrel. I know that seems crazy, because it’s much higher than that right now, but think about it, the oil producing countries still want to keep producing the oil, because they need the revenue, and yet, the number of buyers is dwindling rapidly, so it’ll be big changes in the energy industry. That also means there’s going to be a glut of oil wells. We should expect oil companies to try to find a way to efficiently shut down offshore drilling platforms. They won’t need as much oil, and actually, it’s the oil price that’s going to drive this. Once the oil falls below $50 a barrel, these companies are going to be forced to shutter a lot of these operations, just because they’ll be losing money at that point. All right, we’re going to see a glut of farming equipment, tractors, and such, the plows, and the planters, and the harvesters, and combines, and Baylor’s, and everything, and then you’re also going to see a glut of ranch animals, at least for some period of time. You’ll have a lot of beef supply in the marketplace, albeit temporarily. You’ll see beef prices slowly go down, down, down, down, down, because so many ranchers and farmers are dying off. Those animals are being sent to slaughter, because no one can take care of them, and that’s going to drive beef prices down. After that’s over, beef prices are going to skyrocket, because there’ll be fewer cows, less beef entering the supply chain at that point, and the short-term lower prices won’t last for long. There’s going to be a glut of construction equipment. All the equipment that builds highways, the excavators, the rollers, the Caterpillar equipment, all that different equipment. Companies like Caterpillar are going  to get hammered, because there won’t be much worldwide demand for their equipment, since no one’s building anything, although there may be some demand for tearing down infrastructure, so I would expect to see higher demand for those types of vehicles and equipment that are used to demolish concrete, and demolish buildings, and so on. Firefighting equipment, same deal. As city shut down the firehouses, you’re going to have a glut of fire engines and other firefighting equipment. It’s going to be a very big secondhand market for used fire engines, there’s going to be a market for secondhand ambulances, police cars, which are not good to buy, by the way, because the cops abuse the heck out of them. I know from firsthand experience of working with the Police Foundation. Never buy a used cop car, they have been treated the worst. All you cops listening, you know that, you know what you do to those cars. There’s going to be a glut of hospitals as well, eventually, I mean, after the die-off. During the die-off, obviously, there’s going to be not enough hospital beds, but as the die-off wanes, and this might be closer to eight, nine years out, even 10 years out, you’re going to find yourself living in a world, where there are far too many hospitals, far too many hospital beds, and they’re going to be shutting down the physical infrastructure. Now, what’s fascinating about this is that at the same time there are too many hospitals, there won’t be enough personnel. So we will have a sustained shortage of doctors and nurses, even though you have more than enough beds and hospitals at some point down the road. That’s going to be difficult to deal with, obviously. You’re going to have a glut of military equipment. This is a big deal. Even in the United States military, since you’ve had mass vaccinations across the military, you’re going to have a big die-off of active duty servicemen and women. You’re going to end up with a lot of extra equipment that no one can operate, and you’re going to end up with a recruiting problem, because there won’t be as many people living to recruit into the military. Besides, with a very high likelihood of wars breaking out around the world, who’s going to want to join the military? Not as many people as before. A lot of people join the military to get the training and the free college or whatever they’re offering. They don’t want to go to war, especially a World War, but if World War is breaking out, then it might be very difficult to recruit people. Watch for the military to try to offload a lot of this equipment, and the way that often works is they will donate through federal grants, they’ll donate bomb resistant, armored vehicles, like APCs and so on, to local police departments. The militarization of local police could accelerate under this scenario, I’m expecting, at will. You’re going to have a glut of firearms, because so many people who own them will die. As a result, it’s going to be relatively inexpensive to purchase common firearms such as AR15’s, or hunting rifles, or Glocks, or 9mm pistols, that kind of thing. This will be part of the salvage operations that I mentioned earlier. Firearms will be recovered from a lot of homes of vaccine killed people, and then those firearms will go into the second hand market. You’re going to have, at first, a glut of consumer goods on the shelves as the ships come in, and Download more FREE books at Ghost World 2022 - 2032 41 get offloaded, and restock shelves with fewer people living to purchase those products. It’s going to seem like a glut on the shelves for a temporary period of time, but at some point that flips because you won’t have as much production, because the die-off in China and other places around the world. That is if China has been giving their people the depopulation vaccines, and we’re not entirely sure about that. Due to the global economic collapse situation, they’re going to be other attacks on China’s trade, and so, we expect exports from China to be severely limited a couple of years into this. At that point, shelves are going to go bare, and they’re going to stay there for a long time. That’s a glut that will be transformed into a scarcity pretty quickly. Okay, we’re also going to see a lot of ghost towns, and this is why I called this short book here, “Ghost World.” If you think about what’s going to look like a ghost town, it’s going to be a lot of universities that are practically empty, many neighborhoods, shopping malls, apartment buildings, cruise ships, even highways and parking lots will be less densely occupied. You’re going to have a lot of areas that used to have many, many people and they will no longer have them, and in some cases – it’s going to be in blue cities – people will just be fleeing, trying to get out of there. Think about what that means for local retail. Think about what that means for crime, and crime prevention, 911 response and so on. A lot of these areas are going to be completely abandoned by law enforcement, and they just simply will not respond. Alright, so that’s kind of a list of the gluts. Now let’s take a look at the lacks – things that are going to be lacking in this ghost world post die off economy. If you’re taking a look at what’s going to be lacking in society because of the ghost world die-off, we’ve mentioned these things throughout the book, but let’s just kind of aggregate it here. We’re going to have a lack of property taxes, income taxes, and other types of taxes that fund cities and counties and states. There’s going to be a lack of consumers and TV viewers, movie goers, customers, and so on, so reduced demand for everything that people buy, from clothing, to cars, to electricity, to food, you name it. There’s going to be a lack of personnel to run the infrastructure, which includes hospitals, transportation, power grid, first responders, municipal administrators, everything you can think of. Also, there’s going to be a lack of doctors and nurses and healthcare workers, for all the reasons we’ve covered here. Most of them were vaccinated, many of them will die, and others will just refuse to participate in this mass die-off once it becomes apparent what’s happening. They just don’t want any part of it. 
We’re also going to have a lack of military personnel, again, because they’re being mass vaccinated, and that is a deliberate attack against America, to try to kill off our soldiers and reduce our national defense readiness. We’ll have a lack of women, this is something that not a lot of people thought about, but if you look at the vaccine side effects and who’s hurt the most, it turns out, it’s about two to one, women to men. I don’t know why this is, but this is what’s being borne out in the data. Two women harmed or hospitalized for every one man. I don’t know what the deaths statistics are showing, but I know that the hospitalizations and injuries are affecting a lot more women than men, so it’s very possible that the deaths would reflect that as well. We do know that fertility is harmed in both cases, but female fertility is a lot more delicate or more complex than male fertility. You have to have a lot of things going right in a woman’s body for a long period of time, over nine months of gestation, for a baby to be healthy and to be born fully intact, and healthy, and so on. Whereas, the man only has to have good chromosomes for one moment. The fact that these spike proteins and injections are going to be harming pregnant women, because they’re being, of course, pushed onto pregnant women, this means that we’re going to have greatly reduced birth rates, so there’s a lack of people for the next generation as well. This also means, of course, we’re going to have a lack of neighbors, which may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your neighbors. There’s going to be a lack of population density. There’s going to be a lack of students in the schools. I mean, just across the board, think about everywhere that people are, there will be fewer people there. Now, the exception to this might be very desirable areas in red states. In rural areas where everybody’s going to try to move out to, you could actually see increases in population density in those areas. For the typical urban areas, where you see a lot of people out shopping, driving on the freeways, at the airports, and so on, those numbers are going to be reduced quite dramatically. Now, there may be some secondary benefits to all of this, such as the lack of personnel to keep 5g towers up and running. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for humanity, if a lot of 5g towers could not be maintained, right? Maybe they just stopped working, or maybe they have to be taken down, or what have you. A lot of the global surveillance state will contract, there’s going to be a lack of computing personnel to keep a lot of high tech systems running, lack of personnel to install and maintain cameras, that are surveillance cameras in the cities, and so on. Lack of personnel to run a lot of federal agencies that are Orwellian type of agencies. You can think of many examples, the IRS, for example, or the FBI, or ATF, or any of them. There’s just going to be fewer people to run these things, and so, there’s going to be an automatic contraction of government just due to the lack of personnel. Then, ultimately, as this plays out, you’re going to have, eventually, a lack of products, a lack of supplies, a lack of parts, even though for some of these categories, such as U.S. vehicles, remember, there’s going to be a glut in the short term, followed by scarcity for the long run,  because, of course, there’ll be fewer people running parts manufacturing operations, or importing of parts, or even marketing them, and so on. Basically, you’re just going to get a global contraction of economies. What’s this going to do to the GDP of all these countries around the world? Well, every country that has been targeted with these depopulation weapons, is going to see a very sharp contraction in gross domestic product. If you lose, let’s say, on average, just as an estimate here, 20 to 25 percent of the total population, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to conclude you’d lose 20 to 25 percent of the GDP. When you start to look at contraction in financial systems, which is related to GDP, then you have to really watch out, because now you’re talking about a contraction of the derivatives instruments, which are highly, highly leveraged. A contraction of the money supply, eventually – although the government will try to probably print its way out of this, and it will flood the money supply, in the short term, ultimately destroying it. After that, you’re going to have very powerful deflation. I probably didn’t cover that sufficiently yet in this book, but the long-term deflationary aspects of this are going to be absolutely catastrophic to the economies of the world. Remember, when you’re looking at a global economic contraction, you’re looking at the destruction of leveraged money, or the destruction of wealth, the destruction of leverage. You’re basically going to see an unwinding of the leverage that we have lived under for many decades now, in a global bubble market based on debt. Debt, remember this, the only way to solve debt in the long run, other than paying it off, which has never been an option for the big spending governments of the world, the only way to pay off debt is to grow the economy and grow the money supply, and thereby, make the debt smaller and smaller compared to the rising or expanding GDP. When you’re growing the money supply, you’re causing inflation, and through inflation, you’re actually reducing the difficulty of paying off previous debt. The more devalued dollars are, the easier it is to acquire dollars to pay off previous debts. This is true at a national level, with treasuries and so on. As long as economies are growing, everything looks fine, and you can sort of explain away the national debt, and government spending programs, stimulus money creation, all of these things. When the growth stops, then you have a real crisis, because then, suddenly, the debt matters. When you start to go into a global deflation scenario, what happens is the debt that you still owe becomes more difficult to pay off, because the debt of the past becomes more valuable than the dollars of the present. Maybe the best way to describe this is that your dollars are now becoming worth more and more as time goes on, and since your debt in the past is denominated in dollars, then you’re going to have to expend more resources in the present to pay off the dollar denominated debt in the past, and this is true, whether it’s dollars or other forms of fiat currency. In other words, the easy way to look at this is if you have inflation moving forward, you’re making past debts easier to pay off, if you have deflation moving forward than past debts are becoming more expensive to pay off. Since we are in a nation now here in America with almost $30 trillion in debt, if we start to enter a deflationary period, which will happen with the die-off, this is going to be not just catastrophic, but terminally catastrophic. It will end the dollar supremacy that we have all lived under our entire lives. It will end the United States government as we know it. The U.S. government cannot function without either a stable population or a slightly increasing population with an increasing GDP. Once things start to go down the deflationary path, it’s over for this whole system. They can no longer just print money and bail everything out.
 Now, there’s another very important phenomenon to observe in all of this, as we are headed into eventually a deflationary period. During inflation, people like to spend money very rapidly, because they know that their dollars are going to be worth less in the future than they’re worth today, in the present. They would rather convert their dollars to things that they can store and use in the near future, such as food, or fuel, or used cars, or clothing, or what have you. That’s a rational choice to make when there is inflation. When deflation is underway, and this means wages are falling, and prices are falling, in a deflationary period, it is rational to postpone your purchases until the very last moment that you need those items for consumption, because, of course, those items are becoming less expensive in the future due to deflation. Your dollars are going to be worth more in the future than they’re worth today, or any fiat currency, for that matter. Therefore, the velocity of money plummets during deflation. Money velocity is the speed at which money changes hands. You take the same $100, let’s say, and track how often it’s used in trade or exchange in a thriving city, during an inflationary period, everybody’s trying to get rid of that $100. They’re going to spend it very quickly, and then whoever gets that money is going to try to spend it as well, and money velocity goes through the roof. This is very beneficial for central banks and their money printing schemes, MMT, for example, which I call, Magical Monetary Theory. The opposite happens during deflation, suddenly money velocity plummets, people hold on to their dollars, and they choose to postpone spending. What happens to the GDP? It, of course, craters, and so, this becomes a self reinforcing negative feedback loop that crushes money velocity in an economy, causes sales to fall, causes the GDP to fall, and this causes salaries to fall even more, which puts more downward pressure on consumer prices, and so on and so forth. This is financial suicide for a debt-based government that has been riding on money printing. This means total destruction, and the Federal Reserve is more terrified of deflation than anything else. They don’t mind inflation, deflation is their mortal enemy, and yet, I say they won’t be able to stop deflation once the die-off accelerates, because there just won’t be enough people still living to keep pumping up the economy. There won’t be enough people to keep buying things. In order to fight this deflation, what the Federal Reserve is going to do, this is almost a certainty, is they’re going to try to find very creative ways to stimulate the economy to pump money into the pockets and hands of as many people as possible, to try to encourage more demand and more spending, and increase money velocity. You can expect them to push things like universal basic income. They might even try something pretty radical, like refunding all the federal taxes that you paid over the last year or two years or five years. Well, why would they return all our tax money? Well, answer number one is they don’t need your tax money, they never did. They could always print the money they needed. Secondly, they’re trying to stimulate artificial consumer behavior, and so they’ll find every way possible to push money into your bank accounts, and get you to go out and spend. They did this, by the way, in early 2020. The first COVID stimulus package, which was a Trump package, was astonishing. I remember going out to eat one time, I don’t remember what month it was, but it was in 2020, it was after the first stimulus went out. Apparently, the stimulus went out on to debit cards or like little cards that were mailed to people, and you can go out and you could spend on these cards when you go out to eat. The restaurant was packed with people. I asked one of the waiters like, “What’s going on? I thought the restaurant would be mostly empty here today, but it’s packed full of people.” He said, “Oh, everybody’s using their stimulus money.” Sure enough, I looked around, everybody was paying on these stimulus cards. That was the government pumping money into the hands of people, and then people just went out and they spent it. They went shopping, they went to restaurants. I remember seeing news stories talking about this, how some people use the money to go hire prostitutes, and go to pole dancing bars, and then there were stories, people use a stimulus money to buy guns. I mean, you put money into people’s hands, everybody’s going to make a different choice of how to use it. I went to eat at restaurant, other people bought hookers. This is just different people do different things with free money, right? You’re going to see a lot of that, a lot of money being pumped into people’s hands. Now, what’s that going to create in the marketplace? Scarcity of products. Scarcity, because you can’t print the products that people need. You can print money, but you can’t print groceries, right? You can’t print plumbing supplies; you can’t print copper wire for electrical infrastructure; you can’t print tires for vehicles. The entire approach of just printing money to solve all these problems is really papering over this issue, trying to create the impression of a booming economy, when in reality, we’re going to go through incredible scarcity of products, the products that we need for day-to-day living. If you think about gluts versus lacks or scarcity, you’re going to have a glut of money probably coming from the central banks, but a lack of products to spend the money on or very, very long wait times. With all the extra money out there, there will be a lot of competition to purchase these scarce items, that’s going to drive up prices, so that’s the upward force on the prices that’s trying to counteract the deflationary force on prices. That’s the whole point of why the Fed is printing money. They want to drive prices up, they want money to move up in velocity, they want people to spend, spend, spend, because it’s all a debt-based, consumer-based economy. In this economy, this is why scavenging operations will make so much economic sense, because anything that you can scavenge out of a home, or an apartment, or a commercial building, is going to be very valuable in the context of product scarcity across the economy, due to all the money printing and stimulus. I hope that all makes sense. It’s all interrelated. It’s a dynamic financial ecosystem, and it’s very clear to me that when push comes to shove, the government prints money, or technically the central banks print money. They’re going to try to print their way out of this. Ultimately, it’s going to fail. That’s how we’re going to end up with the collapse of the dollar before all this is over, and the collapse of other fiat currencies around the world. Every central bank’s going to do the same thing. They can’t contract the money supply, that would be catastrophic, so they just have to keep expanding it until it all blows up. There’s no other option for the central banks, so you can expect that to be coming.   
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Ghost World 2022 - 2032 45 
Ghost World 2022-2032
by Mike Adams
Chapter Seven
Summary Of The Ghost World
  What does all of this mean? Let’s just summarize the key concepts here, and what’s going to benefit you most moving forward looking at 2022. Now, let’s remember, first of all, that the assumption of this entire book is that we’re going to see mass die-off following these vaccines. I think that’s a pretty safe assumption that we’re going to have some level of die-off, especially, since we already have maybe up to a million Americans already killed by the vaccines. We can’t know precisely in advance how large the die-off will be. I would imagine that over the next decade, some states are going to lose, on the low side, 15 percent of the population, let’s say, and other states might lose, as we’ve talked about, 30 percent, or maybe a little bit over 30 percent. It just depends on how bad this gets in the after effects. Even the scientists who made the vaccines, they don’t know the answer to that. They would have had to run long-term clinical trials to get that information. Since they did not do that, we don’t really have those data. Remember that the die-off that we’re looking at here did not happen from vaccines alone. There are economic catastrophes coming, some of which we’ve talked about here, the collapse of the rule of law, the possibility of civil war, possibility of war with Russia or World War III. We also talked about cultural consequences, and then took a look at the gluts and the, what I call, the lacks or the scarcity, of what we’ll see in society. Really, these are not that difficult to anticipate. It’s just that most people haven’t bothered to think about it, or they haven’t just really been interested in looking ahead, and what’s going to happen if we lose 25 percent of the population in California, for example, or if we lose 20 percent of the city workers that run New York City. What’s that going to look like? That’s really all that we’ve done in this book. We’ve taken the core assumption of the die-off, and then, we projected it into the future, using what we know about finance, and economics, and geopolitics, and culture, and how society works. I think that there will be surprises, of course, things that we could not anticipate, there’s no doubt about that. We don’t have a crystal ball, we can’t see everything. But the overall trends will follow this, if the die-off is as large as we anticipate. That’s the main assumption of this entire book. The after effects are not that complicated to calculate. The practical upshot of this, for you, the listener or reader, is to ask yourself key questions. How does this affect me? Think about where you live or think about where your assets are currently located. What’s your plan for retirement or for  saving money or passing money on to the next generation, or what kind of lifestyle do you want to support for yourself in the years ahead, and how might that plan be altered by everything that we’ve talked about here, stemming from the ghosts world die-off? Well, obviously, if the ghost world die-off happens as we predict it will here, you don’t want to have money in real estate in a blue city, right? Because you’re going to lose your shirt. You probably don’t want to have your savings in municipal bonds, for example, because those are going to become worthless in many cases. You probably don’t want to have your savings in fiat currency even, because of what’s going to happen there, massive money printing, followed by probably a debt bomb blowout. You can decide, obviously, what’s the best strategy for you. I would encourage you to, if possible, work with a professional financial planner, who is also on board with these concepts. That might be very difficult to find. A lot of financial planners just rely on buy-and-hold strategies and like, “Oh, the markets going to go up forever, housing is going to go up forever, and just buy and hold.” That’s probably not a very good plan, given that we’re about to go through some of the biggest changes in human history. In my opinion, although I’m not a financial advisor, and I’m not offering you personal financial advice, you have to do what’s best for you in your particular situation, but I would say find financial advisors, who have a mental model that is much more expansive than the typical mainstream mental models of mainstream investors. I think mainstream investors are going to get slaughtered in the markets, because I think we’re going to lose a lot of value as the money supply ultimately shrinks catastrophically without warning. You’re going to lose stocks, and bonds, and real estate value, and leveraged debt instruments, and so on, interest rate bets, derivatives, all these all these things. I think they’re going to suffer catastrophic losses. That’s just my opinion, and other people might disagree. Some people think that you can print money forever, and it has no consequence. There’s a name for those people, they’re called morons, by the way. There are a lot of people out there who think that’s true, probably, because they’ve never lived through a hyperinflationary financial collapse. After the financial collapse, they will no longer believe those things, but some people have to learn these lessons the hard way. Another important practical takeaway from this is to look at your skill set. How are your skills or your knowledge? How is it marketable in this ghost world economy? We talked a lot about the economy. We talked a lot about the shrinking of the entire economic ecosystem. What skills do you have, and do they have value in a society where there’s a big die-off? If you have medical skills, you’re going to be in very, very high demand. If you have skills on how to demolish buildings, you’re also going to have very high demand. If you have repair skills, if you can repair electronics or small engines, or do welding, even, you’re going to have a lot of demand for your services. Where are you not going to have high demand? Well, let’s say you have a PhD in astrobiology and you work at the local university, probably not going to be a strong future for that particular career path, because universities will shrink, funding for universities will shrink, Download more FREE books at Ghost World 2022 - 2032 49 because state budgets will shrink. Those highly specialized areas that are especially academic or philosophical in nature, there’s just not going to be that much of a real world application, especially during a crisis, where people are trying to figure out how to feed themselves, or know how to function in a civilized way, how to keep the power grid going. No one’s going to care about astrobiology in that scenario. If you think about it, the higher academic studies and specialties that are characterized by PhDs and so on, are really a luxury of a society that has an excess of resources. In other words, in a very low tech, flat society, that is, let’s say, agrarian, and everybody’s trying to feed themselves, there are very few PhDs. Why? Everybody’s busy trying to grow food and not starve. Only in a society that’s highly mechanized, and therefore, highly complex, can you have so much excess food production, and excess energy production, and excess product production. That some percentage of the population can have the luxury of spending their entire lives thinking about things, figuring things out mentally, whether it’s astrobiology, or astrophysics, or anthropology, or what have you? That’s a luxury of a highly complex society. Those luxuries vanish when society fails because of its complexity. If you happen to be a PhD in some area, it’s great to have a backup skill. Maybe you’re an astrophysicist, but you also know how to grow food, or you also know how to repair glass windows or something, I mean, some practical skill that has value in the real world. People joked about me recently when I was talking about this in my podcast, about how I was buying sewing machines. I’m learning sewing, and I’m buying all kinds of different thread, and needles and so on, trying to figure out how to how to repair clothing and bags and things like that. You know, we forget about the value of being able to mend clothes. Well, think about this post-collapse world, you’re going to have a lot of secondhand clothes, but you’re not going to have a lot of manufacturing of new clothes. Where is there going to be very high demand? Well, repairing clothing and altering clothing. You’re going to see people wearing clothes that have patches on the knees or patches on the elbows. It’s going to be much like the way it was in the 1930s and 40s and 50s. In America, you fixed your clothes, and so, somebody has to be an expert with a sewing machine, needle and thread, and shoe repair, as well, practical skills, animal husbandry, how to handle a herd of cows, you know how to help a mama cow give birth when she’s having difficulty. These are practical real-world skills. You can have a PhD and also know how to rescue a baby calf that’s been born sideways. Seriously, that’s a real-world skill. This is why modern day farmers, especially small ranchers, are going to do very well, because they have a whole spectrum of skills. Your small farmers and ranchers right now, they are very practical people, very hands-on people. They can repair the pump for water well; they can help a cow give birth; they can build fences; they can fix a tractor tire; they can replace a hydraulic hose; they can do some welding; they can do everything. I mean, not in the university academia setting. They don’t know about astrobiology, but they can sure do things with their hands in the real-world where it matters. Download more FREE books at Ghost World 2022 - 2032 50 You know what I think a great profession will be in this economy? Running a local physical printing press. I think there’s going to be a resurgence of physically printed local pamphlets and newspapers. Seriously, I think that if you have a way to print, I don’t know old school printing machines, I don’t know what they are, I don’t own any like that, I’m not an expert in that area, but if you can print things, and I’m not talking about just on a laser printer with toner, I’m talking about mass production of essentially local newspapers, using ink that you purchased by the barrel, I think that’s a very valuable thing. I think that’s going to make a resurgence coming back because of this collapse. That’s just my estimation. I might be wrong about that. I think there’s going to be a lot of people who don’t want to live in the electronic world, especially when the power grid doesn’t function, and you can’t get electronic parts, and you might have an EMP attack, as well, who knows, or a nuclear war with an EMP after effect. I think a lot of things are going to go low tech. That’s why I have an entire audio book that I’m working on called “Resilient Prepping”, which is about essentially low tech solutions for every area of your life. I think that this is a very important strategy for prepping, not only in terms of having the stuff that you need, but I mean prepping your skills, so that you are marketable, that you can add value to a local economy in a low tech economy. I’ve mentioned some examples here like sewing skills, and animal husbandry skills, and so on. There can be a lot of other skills – medical skills, welding, repair, salvage, as we’ve talked about, a lot of really practical skills. Just do everything you can to boost up those skills. By the way, just being more of a “handyman” around the house, and you don’t have to be a man, you can be a handywoman too. You can be any gender, and learn how to replace doorknobs, and just be handy around the house. That’s a valuable skill to have, because you’re going to have to rely more on yourself. One of the things that I’ve done, for example, is I have a full complement of plumbing tools, and plumbing repair parts for PEX plumbing. I have PEX line, couplers, and elbows, and tools, and crimps, and all kinds of things to repair PEX lines or install pecs lines, because I know, I’m going to have to rely more on myself to do a lot of plumbing repairs, and PEX is the way to go. It’s good to have those tools in advance, and even have spare parts in advance. I’ve also purchased manual calculators, these are mechanical calculation machines. You literally punch in the numbers on the front of the machine, it’s not digital, uses no electricity, and you can do additions. You basically punch in numbers, and then you pull a lever or you rotate a handle, and then you punch in the next series of numbers, and you rotate the handle again, and that’s an addition machine. These machines, when you rotate the handle backwards, it’s subtraction, literally, this is how it works. These are mechanical machines that can be used at retail in a low tech environment. You try to add up a bunch of prices, I guess you could do it on paper, but these days, everybody’s forgotten how to do math, it seems, so a lot of these machines could be quite valuable in that context. Just as an interesting side note, I have some historical multiplication machines that came out of the old Soviet Union. These are some very advanced machines. You can do multiplication and division using nothing but some number setting, and it’s shaped like a giant cylinder, and you crank the handle, and it does addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division mechanically on a machine. It’s quite remarkable. Obviously, nobody makes those anymore, because everything’s digital, but in a low tech world, it would sure be a great idea to have mechanical, literal computers, these are computing machines, and obviously, that’s where the word computer comes from, because they were machines that engaged in computing. That’s what these are. These are, in essence, early computers, non-digital. Take this information, and apply it to your own life in the way that makes the most sense to you, and if you feel it’s appropriate, share this information with others. Now, I give you permission right here, if you’d like to copy the mp3 files onto a thumb drive, and hand that thumb drive to a friend or a colleague, go ahead and do it, you have my permission, no problem. Copy of the PDF file over there as well, and they can read it or they can print it. If you wish, you can burn these to a DVD or an old CDR, you can put it on a hard drive. As far as I’m concerned, you can post it on a torrent website. You can post it on your website, let people download. You can make videos out of these, and post them on Brighteon or BitChute or anywhere you want. I’m just trying to get the information out there, so feel free to repost this. I only ask that you just give credit to the author, myself, Mike Adams, and then link to, because that’s where everybody can find all the audio books. They just go to the top of, click on audio books, they can download all the other books for free. There are more books coming, by the way. I really enjoy teaching these concepts, and I know that many people enjoy hearing these analysis books, because I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from many, many thousands of people over the last couple years, just from the books I’ve done. People find them to be extremely valuable. I’ve heard so many positive comments about Survival Nutrition, by the way. That’s a life saving book. Don’t miss that book. I’m willing to bet a lot of people are going to enjoy this book and also “Resilient Prepping,” especially, which I’m trying to finish up – still working on that one. Download more FREE books at Ghost World 2022 - 2032 52 Feel free to share the word, send out a link in your email. You can’t share on Facebook or Twitter, because that domain is banned due to censorship, so we may have a URL associated with this book. I think we might register for example, GhostWorld2022. com, and you’d probably be able to share that. I don’t know if that’s the final domain we’re going to use, but it likely is. For survival nutrition, for example, you would share, so I think we’re going to do, and you probably will be able to hear that. In any case, get the word out there, help other people, get them up to speed on these concepts, and then you’re going to have somebody that you know, who is also well prepared for what’s coming, and that’s a great thing to achieve. Because the more people you have around you, who are prepared and informed and anticipating what’s coming, the fewer people are going to panic, frankly, and the better off you’re all going to be, because your social support network, if it’s made of people who are prepared, then you’re going to do much better as a community, as a group, maybe as a family. Spread the word, help others learn this information. This is about surviving what’s coming, not only surviving but thriving during this time, because remember, they can’t kill us all. They can only kill the ignorant and the gullible, frankly. They can’t kill the rest of us very easily at all. I mean, they tried to kill the rest of us, they’re going to actually have to fight for it, drop bombs and bullets and everything. We’re not going to just line up and get injected with a suicide shot. No, that’s for people who are gullible and ignorant, and yes, a lot of them won’t make it, but we will make it because of this knowledge. Thank you for listening. Be sure to check out my daily Situation Update podcast, it’s on Brighteon. com. My channel there is HR Report, which stands for Health Ranger Report. You can also see my articles each day on Also check out, which has a daily broadcast, Monday through Friday, over 12 hours a day of broadcast from over 30 different hosts, who have amazing shows, amazing information. Then be sure to also check out, which we are initiating  now for the first time in 2022. It’s an audio only broadcasts of different shows and different hosts, who have amazing content for you. If you’re looking for content, and knowledge, and to be informed, you can go to all these sites I’ve mentioned., the community for free speech videos, with hundreds of thousands of users, or, broadcast platform with dozens of hosts, or, the audio only platform, or you can go to my website, Just stay informed, and by doing so, you will help prepare the world to survive what’s coming. It’s going to be a rough decade for humanity, but we, by being prepared, we can make it through. We can navigate it, and we can actually thrive during this time, and help save the lives of many other people around us. That’s what this is all about folks, that’s why I do this. Thank you for reading on and thank you for your support. One last plug, if you want to support our online store, is the URL. There, you can find emergency, storable, organic, lab-tested food that we manufacture. We have our own laboratory, we test everything, we manufacture high-end lab-tested nutritional supplements, superfoods, personal care products, green living products, fragrance free body soap and dishwasher detergent, and hundreds of products for your life and your health, and that’s how we have the ability to be able to give away these books for free. Support us at, and I thank you in advance for your support. I’m Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. God bless you. Take care. Ghost World Sub Chapter Chapter 8 Welcome to this special sub-chapter on “Ghosts World 2022-2032”. Now, earlier in the book, we talked about how those who are going to stage a mass exodus out of the blue cities and blue states, and they’re going to seek the free states, which are the red states. This process has already begun to the tune of about a million people a year, right now, from just California moving out. In fact, in the last year or so about one percent of the US population has moved out of blue states, that’s over three million people total. The mass exodus is underway. Now, if you look around the world at totalitarian societies that are run by tyrants, people always want to leave, and so, those tyrannical governments, they have to trap people in the countries like North Korea. They have to prevent you from leaving, and this is going to happen in America, as well. There are going to be efforts made to prevent people from leaving California, or from leaving New York. It’s going to get so bad. Now, this is going to take several years to unfold, but it will get so bad that the local state governments will start putting restrictions on who is allowed to leave. They will try to make it really difficult for you to leave. At first, they may enact simple financial restrictions. You’re not allowed to move money out of a bank within the state, for example, or you’re not allowed to sell more than a certain dollar amount of property each year in the state, or they might even have like a reverse quota system, a limit that after a certain number of homes are sold in this county, then no more homes can be sold for the rest of the year, just put a limit on it just to limit home sales. When the situation gets even worse, when it’s very bad, and people are just trying to flee, they will enact checkpoints on the highways. They will actually try to stop people from leaving using National Guard checkpoints. The way they can pull this off is by claiming that you might be infectious. If you’re trying to move out of the state, if it looks like you’re hauling cargo, or you have a U-Haul with you, or you have your car or truck packed with a bunch of stuff, and it looks like you’re leaving for good, they can just say, “Well, you look infectious to me. I thought I saw you had a sniffle there. And now according to state law, we can quarantine you for an indefinite period without any due process, just by suspecting that you might be a ‘threat to public health.’” This law is going into place in New York, and they will have similar laws in California, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, all the states where people are trying to flee. The reason the states have to do this, well, it’s for all the reasons I’ve mentioned here, because they can’t let the productive members of society flee, and then take with them the businesses, the income taxes, the sales taxes, the property taxes, you can’t just have a state of just welfare recipients with nobody actually producing something. But that’s what will happen to these blue states as every able-bodied person flees, which is a process that will happen over several years, of course, but that’s why they’ll crack down on this and they’ll try to physically block people from leaving. They may even attack the U-Haul rental company and say, you’re not allowed to rent U-Haul in the state of, let’s say, California or other rental companies. They might outlaw moving companies that they’re moving out of state, and the way they can do this is the same way they’ve blocked trucks from moving containers. They can just say, “Oh, it’s about emissions, so we can’t allow trucks to move stuff out of state, because that would be bad for the environment, too much pollution from the emissions. That’s bad.” They can just restrict it that way.
It doesn’t have to make sense. They can just assert whatever rule that people will put up with, and block people from leaving the state. Now, as this is happening, let’s remember that many other states will have incentives for productive people to move into their states, and we’ve seen this already with the state of Florida, offering a $1,000 bonus to every member of law enforcement that stayed in the state of Florida last year, and then states like Indiana offering I think a $5,000 signing bonus for law enforcement to move out of Chicago and come to Indiana and be a cop there. You get a big signing bonus, and you don’t have to be vaccinated.
When I say you’re going to have two Americas, I mean it. You’re going to see a split, almost like a split personality nation, where over time all the productive members of society are going to leave the tyrannical, collapsing, lawless blue states, or specifically blue cities, and they’re going to move to other areas that still have a hope of functioning as a civilization. Now, when I say blue states, like California, and Oregon, and so on, I fully recognize that there are very conservative rural areas in those states.
If you get to Northern California, or you go to Eastern Oregon, or many parts of Southeastern Oregon, even the Southwest Coast of Oregon, and same thing is true in Washington, you go to Eastern Washington, it’s nothing like Seattle, and yet, all of these rural areas are subjected to the tyranny of the state capitol, and the insane laws that are passed there, which are dominated by, of course, the insane Democrats. Everybody who lives in rural Washington or rural Oregon, or California, they already know this, and that’s why there’s an effort for secession within the states to have, let’s say, a North California, South California, or the Jefferson, or what’s it called, Jeffersonian State, or for parts of eastern Oregon to join Idaho, for example, to actually secede from the state of Oregon. You’re going to see more of that happening, for good reason, because people don’t want to live under the authority of insane tyrants, who are destroying civilization. And so, at one level, you’ll have people fleeing the cities to get out to rural areas within the same state, but then, at another level, you’re going to have people fleeing the entire state, in order to avoid the lawlessness and tyranny that characterizes entire states like California and New York. By the way, you know, the same thing is true in New York, you go to upstate New York, there’s a lot of conservatives that hate New York City. They never go to New York City. You can’t blame them. It’s a very different culture. Similar thing with New Jersey, similar thing in Michigan and Illinois. Rural Illinois versus Chicago, it’s like two different worlds. You’re going to see this, dare I say, fractalization of America. You’re going to see a splitting off within states, and then another splitting apart at the national level, as well. If you want to think about this in terms of colors, then the worst place to be is in a blue city in a blue state, the best place to be is in a red rural area in a red state, but it might be livable or survivable to live in a, let’s say, a red rural area in a blue state, or perhaps a blue city in a red state, which would be like living in Austin, Texas, blue city in a red state, or Dallas, Texas. You might still be able to make it there, but it would be so much better to be in a rural area in a rural state like Texas, oor Idaho, or Kansas, or Florida, or Indiana, or Tennessee, you name it. Getting back to the main point here. It is a characteristic of authoritarian states that they  build fences to keep people in, not to keep people out, and that characterizes North Korea. Nobody wants to escape from South Korea to North Korea. No, no, no. They’re trying to get out of North Korea. Why? Because it’s so horrible, so authoritarian, anti-human state. Now, if you look at the southern border of the United States, Texas is building its own wall. Now. Absent federal funding, I would imagine that in the years ahead, you’re going to see this effort accelerated. You’ll probably see it happening in Arizona as well, maybe not New Mexico, but certainly Arizona and Texas. Because as California collapses under liberalism, you’re going to see a shift in the desires of illegals. They won’t want to migrate into California, because it’s a crime-infested hellhole. The illegals would much rather come to states like Texas, where I am, because there, they can typically find work in agriculture or construction. Truth be told, most illegal immigrants, most of them, actually are looking for jobs. They want to work and send money back home to their families. That’s really what they’re looking to do. I’m not excusing them breaking the law and entering the country illegally, not by any means. I’m just saying that they are going to seek out states that have economic abundance and economic freedom. Illegals don’t go to California just because they love the name California, and as California collapses, the illegals will stop going there, and they will prefer Arizona or other red states, where you can still live. Consider all this, we’re about to go into some very dynamic, historic changes in just the reconfiguring of society, and of economies, and demographics, and geopolitics. It’s going to be the most tumultuous time in any of our lifetimes, and perhaps, in all of human history. There are going to be fortunes lost, and a few fortunes made, but mostly fortunes lost, as all of this reconfiguration takes place. Think about everybody who’s invested in municipal bonds, for example, or invested in the stock market, or all of these things that are on the verge of collapse, these big corporations or the Ponzi schemes, like Evergrande and so on. There’s going to be a lot of wealth destruction, a lot of losses. A few people, the entrepreneurial thinkers, will do very well in this environment. Those will be the people that launch for example, the salvage companies that I’ve mentioned, or that get into the business of repairing things, or that run  barter venues, just set up a giant flea market at the local community level, and get a little bit of rent money from everybody coming in on a Saturday to buy, sell and trade. I mean, there are going to be an enormous number of opportunities for people, who are aware of what’s about to happen, and who are ahead of the curve. If you can think ahead of the masses, you can put yourself in an advantageous position that is also aligned with positive morality, and ethics, and compassion for human beings. That’s what I do, I build infrastructure to deliver clean food to the world, and because I knew there was going to be a strong demand for clean food, and emergency food, and nutritional supplements, and so on. I built this infrastructure over the last several years, and I’m blessed with enough revenue to keep this operation going, and keep expanding, and keep getting people the food and the supplements and the personal care products that they need. That’s what is all about, and it’s a blessing. I could not have done it if I didn’t have the foresight of knowing what’s coming. What I’m sharing with you here is knowledge of what’s coming. Society is going to shift dramatically in ways that are going to be very difficult for the average person to anticipate, because they’re suffering from normalcy bias. That means they think the future will always be the same as the present, because the patterns of the present are all they know, and so they project that into the future. That’s not really the way it’s going to be. The future is going
to be radically different, even unrecognizable compared to the recent past.
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