Funeral Director States Mass Vaccine Deaths - Child Danger

- COVID Camps - Genocide Planned

Funeral Director: Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, COVID Camps, Genocide Planned

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John O’Looney is a funeral director in the U.K. He recently gave an interview where he made a number of remarkable assertions.

He says that while retrieving a body in November 2019, he found a hospital with a pop-up morgue, anticipating a massive wave of deaths, two months before anybody had heard of COVID-19.

He says that he repeatedly saw people labeled as COVID deaths, even if they died of natural causes, of terminal cancer, or being hit by a car. All COVID deaths.

He says it is his belief that thousands of elderly people in the U.K. were euthanized with the sedative Midazolam and then labeled as coronavirus deaths. But he also says that overall in 2020, the death rate compared to past years was about the same, or even down.

He did see a huge explosion in deaths, but it wasn’t in 2020. It was in early 2021, and it happened almost the moment mass vaccination began. Then, from April through the summer, he says it was one of the quietest periods he’d ever seen. There weren’t enough deaths to keep the lights on.

Now, he says the death rate is rising again. And the people coming in, he says, are from all age ranges. They aren’t just old people. The causes of death, he says, are heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, and multiple organ failure. Almost all these people, he says, are vaccinated. He saw a man, a barber, who died at age 23 just after getting the second shot.

Now, he’s terrified of what’s happening next. Because the vaccine is now being administered to children. And if they start to die, he predicts, the deaths will just be blamed on a new “variant” of coronavirus.

In short, he says, there is no COVID pandemic. He believes it’s all a sham. The elderly last spring were put down with sedatives, the dead from the past year were killed by vaccines. He believes this is a centrally organized depopulation agenda, to kill the old and cull or sterilize the young. And he says what’s coming next is massive prison camps, which he says will be dubbed Covid “quarantine camps,” where he says vaccine resisters will eventually be rounded up and murdered, with the deaths blamed on Covid.

In short, “everyone you know and love” will die in the years to come, either from the vaccine or from the government’s camps.

That’s a very remarkable series of claims, but John O’Looney says he is utterly convinced he is right, and that other funeral directors and doctors agree with him.

Well, after all that, I knew I absolutely had to speak to him. John O’Looney joined Stew to discuss.


USA Government Employing People To Run COVID Prisons

People Don’t Understand How Unfree We Already Are

by Caitlin Johnstone

Listen to a reading of this article:

The biggest and most widespread blind spot among those who oppose totalitarian control by the powerful is the assumption that it has not already been achieved.

We've been so busy watching out for the next overtly totalitarian dictatorship that wants to put the jackboot on our necks we never noticed the covert totalitarians sliding the shackles around our minds.

Everyone thinks about the abusers who beat their spouses, but not the abusers who dominate their spouses' minds with psychological manipulation.

Everyone thinks about psychopathic killers prowling the streets, but not the psychopathic killers who rule our world via mass-scale manipulation.

Conspiracy analysts warn that the government is trying to give everyone a social credit score to force us all to comply with the agendas of the powerful, in nations where mass-scale narrative management through the media and online algorithms already manipulates everyone into complying with the agendas of the powerful.

People assume that they aren't already behaving exactly how the powerful want them to behave within a civilization whose political, monetary and economic systems are already completely under the control of the powerful.

People think they are free just because they can go and buy whatever they want in an economy rigged for the powerful using money rigged for the powerful, because they can say whatever they want on internet platforms whose algorithms are manipulated by the powerful, because they can vote for a politician who only got on the ballot by being owned by the powerful.

People think they are free because the system let them elect a "populist" like Donald Trump, even after that "populist" spent four years doing nothing but advancing the interests of the powerful.

People think they are free because the system lets them elect "progressives" like Bernie Sanders and AOC, even though those "progressives" always stop short when it comes time to challenge real power.

People spent generations arguing for the right to own guns so they can defend themselves against tyranny while the iron bars of tyranny were quietly being constructed around them the entire time.

Western leftists are so busy arguing with each other that they haven't noticed that the left has been so effectively sabotaged, hijacked, subverted and neutered in our society that it is now little more than a glorified group chat.

Silicon Valley megacorporations have intimate relationships with powerful government agencies and those agencies are almost certainly harvesting everyone's data to fine-tune their propaganda operations on the public based on what our information tells them about our thoughts and feelings on subjects relevant to status quo power agendas.

If our information is valuable enough to make Facebook into a trillion-dollar company via surveillance capitalism, we may be absolutely certain that our information is also valuable enough for opaque government agencies to work on gathering our information for its own purposes.

The science of modern propaganda has been in research and development for more than a century, which is an eternity when you think of all the advances in other military technologies that have been achieved during that time. They're only getting better and better at this, and now the internet has given them unprecedented access to the inner workings of our collective psychology.

A wife who's been psychologically dominated into doing everything her husband wants doesn't notice she's being abused, because she isn't being beaten into doing those things; she thinks she's doing what she wants to do.

A population that's been psychologically dominated into doing everything the powerful want doesn't notice that it is being tyrannized, because it isn't being forced to do those things at gunpoint; people think they are doing what they want to do.

None of the people warning of Orwellian dystopia get it: we're already there. We're already marching in perfect alignment with what our rulers desire for us. We just haven't noticed because we're still able to eat McDonald's and watch internet porn.

They're still tightening the bolts in various ways to make sure we don't escape our prison, but make no mistake: those prison walls are already fully constructed, and have been for a while now.

The walls aren't physical; the chains are affixed to our minds. But what is the functional difference between a populace which obeys the powerful because it is forced to and a populace which obeys the powerful because it was manipulated into wanting to?

We are trapped. We are checkmated. At least, as long as our minds continue to operate in a way that can be easily manipulated.

It is possible that humanity can collectively break free from this propaganda-induced trance by means of a mass-scale psychological transformation out of our unhealthy relationship with mental narrative, and there are some signs that such a transformation may be on its way.

Maybe it is and maybe it isn't; every species comes to a point where it either makes the adaptations necessary for its survival or it doesn't. As the powerful use the chains around our minds to march us all toward an existential cliff's edge of ecocide and nuclear brinkmanship, we're about to find out which one we are.

The End of Education  by  Dr Vernon Coleman

The End of Education

30TH APRIL 2022

Literacy and numeracy levels are at an all-time low among teenagers. Most school leavers cannot add up without a calculator and cannot read or write their own language fluently. This problem has been developing for years. The absurd, dangerous and destructive lockdowns – with the completely unnecessary closure of schools – made things infinitely worse.

The incidence of mental health problems among children of all ages is also at an all-time high.

If you think this is all still a coincidence, then keep taking those tablets.

There can be no doubt now that thousands of school teachers cooperated in destroying education systems by demanding that schools be closed unnecessarily - and by insisting that children be damaged with deadly and useless masks.

A record number of children are now being referred for serious mental health issues. If they’re lucky they might get an appointment to see someone in 10 or 15 years’ time. And I hope you don’t think I’m kidding.

In the UK, an official OFSTED report exposed how the covid-19 policy had devastated children’s lives and hindered their development.

Teachers and doctors and social workers and politicians should be arrested.

But no one will be punished.

We live now according to Schwab’s rules now.

The aim, of course, is to produce future generations who are illiterate, innumerate and unable to think for themselves.

Millions are being trained to be indifferent to suffering and reliably compliant – always ready to do as they are told.

They will be the ever-patient, collaborating drones in a world controlled by a World Government and a conspiracy of billionaires.

Vernon Coleman’s book Endgame explains the truth behind the Great Reset. It is available as a hardback, a paperback and an eBook.


Washington State government stealth edits job posting to remove “strike team” from covid quarantine camp ad

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 by: Mike Adams
Tags: COVIDcovid campsdeath campshealth freedomisolationLibertymedical fascismMedical Tyrannyquarantinestealth editstrike teamTyrannyvaccine warsvaccines

(Natural News) The government of Washington State has stealth edited a public jobs listing that called for hiring “strike team consultants” for an isolation and quarantine facility located in Centralia, WA (see link below). After news about the job listing went viral, the job listing was altered to remove the term “strike team” from the job title as well as the “duties” section of the job description.

The original URL of the job posting also contained the “strike team” term, but it was replaced by a new URL lacking the term. You can see the original URL in this link.

We are also showing screen shots of the original listing below.

As part of the stealth editing, the Washington government also removed “strike team” from the following duties description:

Maintaining the readiness of the isolation and quarantine strike team, facilities, and equipment.

After the job listing was edited, that duty description at first read:

Maintaining the readiness of the facilities and equipment.

Notice that this duty description removed the terms “strike team” as well as “isolation and quarantine.”

That duty description line was later edited yet again to include comments about doing laundry and making beds. So now they want us to believe that a job listing for “strike teams” actually means people who will make beds and do laundry.

Maintaining the readiness of the facility and equipment which includes ensuring contractors have cleaned the facility adequately.  Staff may also be responsible for making beds, doing laundry, and restocking supplies.

Really? They want us to believe this? (Gee, I thought I was joining a kick-ass strike force assault team, and all they have me doing is the f##king laundry!)

See the original job listing screen shots below:

“Strike team” refers to an armed government assault force that uses violence to achieve its goals of medical kidnapping

When governments use the term “strike team,” they are of course referring to a heavily armed assault team that uses violence (or the threat of violence) to achieve its goals. In this case, their goal is obviously medical kidnapping.

The purpose of the “strike team” is to raid the homes of unvaccinated people and force them into quarantine / death camps at gunpoint, after which many will likely be exterminated. Their deaths, of course, will be blamed on “covid.”

Nowhere in the history of any government, anywhere in the world, have “strike teams” sat around folding laundry and making beds, which is the current (laughable) cover story now appearing in the edited job listing. Do they really think we will swallow that one? “Hurry, go get more pillow cases… send in the strike team!”

The fact that government goons in Washington State first posted the job description as a “strike team” ad, and then later tried to surreptitiously remove the term from the listings in order to hide it, reveals a shocking level of deception.

The informed American people already know that governors like Inslee, by interfering with ivermectin and other lifesaving, low-cost medications that could be saving lives right now, are culpable in the deliberate mass deaths of “covid” victims, most of whom are actually victims of the spike protein bioweapons jabs that are falsely labeled “vaccines.”

It’s clear that rogue governments in Australia, New Zealand, France, the UK and other countries are gearing up for the planned mass extermination of their own populations, with covid death camps under construction and being celebrated as a kind of “final solution” to the pandemic.

In Australia, covid quarantine camp prisoners are threatened with being “gassed” by the police enforcers there:


In the United States, the CDC’s “quarantine stations” map reveals a nationwide network of death camps already in existence. The CDC’s “green zones” document that describes the operating goals of such camps has no plans for any healthy person to leave such facilities while explaining the CDC plans to meet “minimum humanitarian standards” for the operations of such camps.

It’s also clear from that same document that the CDC plans to separate families by force, using strike force teams to remove people from their homes, rip them from their families, and force them into covid death camps against their will.

Adding to the red alert situation for all this, fake president Joe Biden — an illegal imposter waging war against America — recently signed an executive order adding measles to the list of diseases for which a person can be medically kidnapped and thrown into a quarantine death camp.

This means, of course, that the criminal government plans to “diagnose” people with measles — no doubt using fraudulent PCR tests that can fake any infection — in order to kidnap them and throw them into quarantine death camps. There’s little question that political dissidents will suddenly be diagnosed with measles so that this can all be swept under the canopy of “public health.”

Washington Gov. Inslee is a war criminal waging war against the people of Washington, just like Fauci, Biden, Walensky and others are war criminals waging war against the entire population of the United States. Now all the signs are readily apparent that they are gearing up for mass medical arrests across the country, followed by mass executions and mass graves. There’s little doubt they will also attempt to target unvaccinated people, since those are the ones most likely to survive the spike protein culling attempt and very likely engage in resistance against the global government genocide agenda that’s now under way.

Today’s Situation Update podcast tells the whole story, via


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10 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of September 2021

 September 23, 2021 By Makia Freeman



    As Operation Coronavirus continues, new patterns emerge. Here are the latest COVID trends.


    Once enough people recognize and see through these patterns of control, the game will be up.

COVID trend Sept 2021

As they discover and understand each current COVID trend, hopefully people will recognize the overall scam being perpetrated upon them.

Here are 10 more COVID trends that have arisen,

following on from the article I wrote a month ago 10 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of August 2021. The situation has become more intense, with the NWO (New World Order) cabal becoming increasingly desperate to stick the needle into the bloodstream of every single person on the planet by whatever means necessary – consent, decree or coercion – just as NWO frontman Bill Gates promised at the start of the scamdemic. Although 

we are 1.5 years into this operation, it feels like just the beginning of what will be a long battle of freedom vs tyranny, to be played out worldwide in every corner of the planet. Here are the latest patterns and COVID trends.

COVID Trend #1: Outright Denial of Natural Immunity

This has of course been a colossal issue right from the start. Sensible people have asked: “What happened to natural immunity? Did it suddenly vanish since the advent of COVID?” No authority figure has ever been able to give a satisfactory answer to that question, with some claiming that this is a “once in a hundred years” event to try to justify the blatant power grab. Dr. Anthony Fraud-ci in a recent CNN interview even admitted he didn’t have a firm answer as to why people should trust vaccine-acquired immunity over natural immunity. Vice even put out some blatant clickbait propaganda stating that “there’s no such thing as natural immunity—and even if you’ve been lucky thus far, Delta could change that.” In a stunning display of biological denial, their article further states that “experts emphasize that if you’ve made it this far without contracting the virus, it’s because you’ve been lucky—not because you’re invincible or have natural immunity, which doesn’t exist.” Meanwhile, a recent Israeli study found that natural immunity was way more likely to protect you against COVID than the COVID fake-vaccine; the vaccinated were 13 times more likely to develop an infection than the unvaccinated.

The theme of natural immunity is key because it busts the official narrative. It is their weak point. They have no argument against it. With the realization of this, the whole house of cards can come crashing down, because governments all this time have tried to justify their powers based on protecting people and protecting public health, when we have never wanted nor needed such protection.

COVID Trend #2: Replacement of Those Refusing the Vax with Immigrants

I have noticed this trend happening in the US, but it may be happening in other Western nations too. With widespread protest against coercive vaccine mandates, people are quitting their jobs (or allowing themselves to be fired) rather than submitting to the shot. This includes many people such as nurses, policemen, firemen and other first responders. In some cases, entire departments have quit leaving some organizations drastically understaffed. For those who refuse the vax and refuse to leave their job, guess what the tyrannical political class is now threatening? To replace them with foreigners or immigrants. ZeroHedge quotes the new fascist governor of New York:

To those who won’t [get vaxxed], we’ll be replacing people. And I have a plan that’s going to be announced very shortly,” she said. “We’ve identified a whole range of opportunities we have to help supplement them.” Hochul said state officials were “working closely with various hospital systems to find out where we can get other individuals to come in and supplement places like nursing homes.” “We’re also reaching out to the Department of State to find out about visas for foreign workers, on a limited basis, to bring more nurses over here,” she said.”

This brings to mind the 1969 predictions of Dr. Richard Day (which I covered in my 2013 article New World Order Blueprint Revealed with Stunning and Shocking Accuracy) where he stated one of the NWO objectives was to displace people and encourage mass migration so as to dilute cultures, cut people off from their roots, destroy stability and create chaos.

COVID Trend #3: De-Licensing and Arresting Those Who Prescribe Ivermectin

I don’t know how many nations are doing this, but it’s already started in France. Dr Jean-Paul Théron was arrested by the gendarmerie (the French military police) for prescribing ivermectin to his COVID patients. The NWO have again shown their cruel hand in this move which reeks of desperation. This is yet another low in Operation Coronavirus as doctors who are actively helping people recover or heal are being targeted because they are not playing ball with the Big Pharma vaccine agenda.


COVID Trend #4: System Begs People to Stop Doing Their Own Research

Hat tip to Chris Menahan at Information Liberation for identifying this pattern. Numerous MSM outlets, such as CNN, the NYT, Forbes and USA Today, are warning and begging people to not do their own research. Why? The ostensible reason is because it may lead you down a rabbit hole of misinformation. The real reason is because they want to reinforce a dull, unquestioning and obedient public and keep them in a hypnotic suggestible trance, too afraid to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

Hey you! Stop doing your own research! It’s bad for you!

segregation colored unvaxxed

COVID Trend #5: Further Entrenchment of Segregation and Discrimination

This one is such a clear and obvious trend that it hardly bears pointing out. Everywhere we turn, pressure is exerted upon the unvaccinated to cave in and comply. Unlawful threats of employment termination, travel bans, restaurant bans and more are being hurled at the dirty, selfish “vaccine hesitant”, in blatant disregard for long-established legal precedents which forbid segregation and discrimination. Amazingly, there are some people so fast asleep they can’t even see this point. It still remains to be seen whether tyrants like Victorian Premier Dan Andrews will be able to get away with implementing a “vaccinated economy.”

COVID Trend #6: Under-reporting and Cover-up of COVID Vax Injuries and Deaths Continues

One of the principal and hypnotic mantras of the official narrative has been trust the science, trust the science, trust the science. But what science exactly? The fake science that will say whatever it has to in order to push the agenda? Real science would carefully track and record vaccine reactions for analysis. Real science would carefully run rigorous safety trials for years before rushing a product to market. Whistleblower after whistleblower is coming forward to say that there is massive under-reporting going on so that the millions of COVID vax injuries and deaths in the US alone are not reported to databases like VAERS. This is a genocide in the making.


COVID Trend #7: Attitude of “Rules For Thee But Not For Me” Comes Out into the Open

Throughout the entire COVID scamdemic, countless misleaders have been caught breaking their own stupid rules, whether it’s about masks, event/gathering limits or travel restrictions. The entire point of all these rules has been to acclimatize the masses to NWO tyranny, not for everyone to follow the mandates. It has always been the case throughout history that a true test of a society’s corruption is if there is a situation where there are one set of rules for the rulers, and another set of rules for the ruled. Take a look at 2 recent US events – the Met Gala in New York and the Emmys in Los Angeles. In both cases, the famous celebrities walked around maskless while the serfs in attendance (waiters, servants, photographers, etc.) were forced to wear masks. The pictures of the events are truly symbolic and reveal the hideous agenda for what it is. The NWO controllers and their favored lackeys were never meant to permanently wear masks (aside from during their Satanic rituals) – that’s only for the slave class who is very much meant to permanently wear masks.

COVID Trend #8: Police Must Now Honestly Ask Themselves: What Do I Do if Following Orders Comes Into Conflict with Doing What’s Right?

The Nuremburg Trials made famous the classic excuses of “I’m just following orders” and “I’m just doing my job.” Nowadays, these lines are instantly recognizable as a key way through which the rank-and-file members of a hierarchy attempt to defer and escape responsibility. The Nuremburg Courts, though imperfect, rejected that argument because in the end, if you hurt and kill someone, or deprive them of their rights, you can’t avoid ultimate responsibility for your actions, even if some president, prime minister, chancellor, fuehrer, governor, premier, sheikh or viceroy told you to. That doesn’t remove your culpability.


The following exchange between an Aussie cop and a protestor in Melbourne, Australia is very significant. While the cop didn’t defect and join the ranks of the protestors, he did admit that he believed in their cause and that he was only policing the lockdown for money. You can look at this cop as a coward for not quitting his job and doing what he believed in, and ultimately, if we are to end the scamdemic, many cops will need to do that, however it does show that the NWO manipulators are losing control over the narrative. They would much prefer to have their enforcers believe they are doing the right thing terrorizing people, rather than only doing it for a pay check, because sooner or later, that may cease to be sufficient motivation for people.

COVID Trend #9: Citizens Resist by Installing Tables Outside Restaurants

I will end this list with 2 positive trends. People are waking up all over the word and refusing to go along with the nonsense. In France and Switzerland, for example, people have been getting creative in sidestepping vaccine certificate requirements by setting up tables and picnic blankets outside buildings, in the streets, so they can still eat out without producing their “papers, please.”

COVID Trend #10: Has Full Scale Resistance and Rebellion Begun?

Lastly, I pose this last trend as a question: has a full scale resistance and rebellion begun? The scenes from the last few days in Melbourne are mind-blowing, with people gathering en masse to walk on and shut down major highways, as well as to endure rubber bullets being fired at them. It is surreal to watch the place descend into chaos and tyranny, and simultaneously heartening to watch people finally unite, stand up and do something in the face of the disgusting amount of oppression that has been dished out to them in the last 18 months. Many eyes are on Melbourne right now.

Let’s hope the people there, and everywhere, continue to find their inner fire, sense of self-respect and knowledge of their inherent rights, and act from that place of power.


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles, author of the book Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and senior researcher at Makia is on Steemit and Odysee/BRY.





















New World Order Mindset: Exposing the NWO Psychology & Psychopathy

Freedom Articles

We Won’t Be Free Until Our Minds Are Free 

by Caitlin Johnstone

Listen to a reading of this article:

Can You Trust Corporate Media?

There's a quote from an ancient Buddhist text called the Dhammapada that's often translated as, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”

In other words our mental habits shape our personality and determine how that personality will behave, and that behavior contributes to the shaping of the world.

We see a similar line in the Upanishads of Hinduism: "As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.”

These are two different ways of expressing the same timeless observation we see pop up in various forms throughout philosophical traditions around the world: that our actions arise from our thoughts and our thoughts arise from our conditioned mental habits, so we need to be very careful about what those mental habits are since it will ultimately determine our destiny.

But the people who pour the most energy and attention into this timeless observation as a group are not the Buddhists, nor the Hindus, nor any religious or philosophical tradition at all. Those who are the most interested in studying and acting upon this insight are the powerful people who rule this world.

The powerful understand that because people's actions follow from their thoughts and the destiny of the world follows from people's actions, if you can control the thoughts people think at mass scale you can control the destiny of the world.

Control the way people collectively think about things and you can control the way they act, you can control the way they organize, and you can control the way they vote. This is important because people have become more literate and better at sharing information over the years, and therefore more aware of the value of freedom and equality, so it's gotten harder and harder to deny them freedom and equality without sparking violent revolutions and winding up with your head in a basket.

Power structures of more "enlightened" societies have addressed this dilemma by giving people the illusion of freedom snd equality while still keeping them enslaved to the agendas of their rulers via mass-scale psychological manipulation. Media institutionsonline platforms and think tanks are dominated by plutocrats in coordination with secretive government agencies to ensure that the information the majority of people consume serves the social, political, military and geostrategic interests of the ruling power structure.

This is why when you watch the news on TV it always kind of feels like they are deceiving you; that's exactly what's happening. Information that is inconvenient for the powerful is omitted, while information that serves the powerful is amplified and twisted in the most convenient light possible.

This happens not because the media-controlling class is personally leaning over the shoulder of every news reporter and instructing them to lie, but because if you control who runs a media outlet then you control who they will hire and who they will elevate, naturally giving rise to a system wherein reporters understand that the only way for them to advance their careers is to promote narratives which serve the ruling power establishment and marginalize narratives which don't.

Many journalists - either for self-serving reasons or due to genuine befuddlement - are completely misinterpreting Bernie's media critique. The person who explained it most clearly was Noam Chomsky in this 90-second answer to an equally confused BBC host. This will clear it up:

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) August 13, 2019

The best way to manipulate people without their knowing it is to appeal to their strongest and most unconscious impulses. In practice this means tugging at the psychological hooks of the ego, which at their base level are fear and identity. If you've made a strong identity out of something like belonging to a certain political party or a certain ideological or ethnic group, then it will carry a lot of egoic weight for you. If you're in a fear state then there will be a lot of egoic contraction and you'll consequentially take your thoughts very seriously.

If you can appeal to people's base impulses of fear and identification it becomes very easy to insert ideas into their minds and give them new mental habits, and that's exactly what propagandists do. You need to fear the terrorists, the Russians and the Chinese, because they're going to harm you. You need to support the Democratic Party and everything its pundits tell you, because that's your tribe. Those anti-vaxxers over there are your real enemy, not the nuclear-armed globe-spanning power structure that is driving our world to its doom in myriad ways. And on and on and on.

They give us the illusion of freedom, but as long as they chain our minds with propaganda we are not free. It wouldn't matter if they gave us every personal liberty imaginable if a critical mass of us were still thinking in ways which benefit the powerful, because those thoughts would cause us to act, organize and vote in a way that benefits our rulers and not us.

If we want to free our minds from the chains of power, it's not enough to do research and memorize a bunch of facts about what's really going on in our nation and our world. The most important step to freeing our minds from their shackles is to remove from ourselves the psychological hooks of fear and identity to which those shackles are attached. This means freeing ourselves from the delusions of egoic consciousness, which, funny enough, brings us right back around to the central tenets of Buddhism and Hinduism again.

As long as humanity is enslaved to the ego it will remain enslaved to abusive power structures, because manipulators will always be able to use our egoic hooks to propagandize us into supporting their interests at mass scale. Until then it won't ultimately matter how many civil liberties we gain or lose, because we'll still be unable to move beyond the bonds of our psychological chains.

Not until humanity collectively breaks free from the gravitational pull of egoic consciousness will we truly blast off into the real potentiality of our species.


Listen to a reading of this article:

Some people think humility means thinking of yourself as lowly and inferior, but that's not right.

Evangelical Christian author Rick Warren attempts to correct this misperception with the famous saying, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

But that's not really it either.

True humility is the realization that the very thing you've come to think of as your "self" is an entirely illusory construct.

If you examine your actual experience, it's impossible to find any solid, tangible thing that could rightly be called a self. There are thoughts, feelings, sights, sounds, smells and tastes, but it's impossible to nail down any actual "me" in actual experience to whom those things appear. We can infer that there's a self by telling a mental story about someone with a given personal history who is sitting here experiencing these things, but that story is itself just another appearance, appearing to no solid, separable self that we can find anywhere in our experience.

In reality what we call "self" or "ego" is not a thing at all, but an energetic contraction around a believed mental narrative about a separate finite individual. It's like how you can make a fist, but if someone were to dissect your hand in an autopsy after your death they will never find a thing that could be called "fist" anywhere in your hand's anatomy, no matter how hard they searched.

Just as a hand can release the uncomfortable clench of a fist, so too can the human organism release the uncomfortable clench of believed mental narratives. Life then ceases to be a story about a separate self, and becomes experience unfiltered by mental narrative in a universe of energy and atoms comprising no individual things that are separate from the whole.

This universe is a play of impersonal energies, and some of those energies get a bit mixed up and start taking it personally. That's all it is. Nothing grander than that. That's all our confusion and psychological suffering in this world are ultimately born of.

And the possibility of unclenching from that confused state is what causes such inner resonance within many of us when we hear this mysterious word "humility". This is what that word points to. An exit from the confusion.

The same is true of the word forgiveness. It doesn't mean setting aside someone's misdeeds and acting like they never happened. It doesn't mean magnanimously pardoning someone for their transgressions. This common misunderstanding of forgiveness is prone to exploitation by abusers who stand to benefit from an absence of consequence for their abuses.

True forgiveness is realizing that there is no one to be pardoned and no one to transgress. It means seeing that there is no one to forgive and no one to do the forgiving.

It means seeing that everything we apparently encounter in one another is the interplay of impersonal forces in a universe of swirling energies whose movements and manifestations all have their sources in the movements and manifestations which preceded them. A human organism moves the way it moves and expresses the way it expresses because of the experiences it has had with other humans in the past, who are also moving and expressing as they do because of their experiences with others in the past, stretching back through innumerable generations and all the way back through our evolutionary heritage, and all the way back through a movement of energies which ultimately have their source in the Big Bang.

It's just an impersonal blossoming of energies, done by no one and done to no one. If my neighbor is guilty than so am I and so is everyone, because we're all one with that same universal energetic dance. Seeing this is true forgiveness.

And of course we still distance ourselves from human behavioral patterns which threaten us or make life unpleasant, and the collective may find it necessary to isolate highly traumatized humans with particularly destructive patterning from the rest of the population for its own protection. But it isn't personal, any more than keeping our hand away from a flame we know will burn us is personal.

True humility and true forgiveness are different words for the same realization that this universe is an undivided whole which we are not just interconnected with but inseparably one with, in the same way a swirling eddie is inseparably one with the stream in which it appears. The swirling energies within us are an inseparable aspect of the swirling energies in our galaxy, which is an inseparable aspect of the swirling energies of our universe.

And it's all happening to no one. Already whole. Already perfect. Already free. Clearly seeing this opens up the possibility of an unbelievably peaceful and efficacious way of moving in the world, and all that's required is to relinquish belief in something that was never there to begin 

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Obamas Health Secretary Has HORRIFYING Plan For The Unvaxxed

Mark Taylor Prophecy - Stop The New World Order Mindset-Part 1 of 2

Mark Taylor Prophecy - Stop The New World Order Mindset-Part 2 of 2

Obey_Hypnotist REVEALSGovernmentBRAINWASHINGTactics-Hugo Talks


Hypnotist  REVEALS Government BRAINWASHING Tactics-  Hugo Talks

PCR tests are amplified to 45 in Ireland...

they will detect anything and everything as covid!!
Its a sham just like the fake unelected Irish government!




It is crucial to be aware of the New World Order mindset



    What is the mindset or psychology behind the dark force that really runs the world?


    If we could understand the NWO mindset better, we could perceive its weaknesses, which are many. It's good to recognize these, but above all, to see it in yourself. 

  • Hypnotist REVEALS Government BRAINWASHING Tactics Hugo Talks Lockdown-Part 1 of 8
  • Hypnotist REVEALS Government BRAINWASHING Tactics Hugo Talks Lockdown-Part 2 of 8
  • Hypnotist REVEALS Government BRAINWASHING Tactics Hugo Talks Lockdown-Part 3 of 8
  • Hypnotist REVEALS Government BRAINWASHING Tactics Hugo Talks Lockdown-Part 4 of 8
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Hypnotist REVEALS Government BRAIN WASHING Tactics

Hugo Talks Lockdown- Full Video

It is crucial to be aware of the New World Order mindset

as we experience the intensification of its longstanding agenda. While each passing week seems to bring us more and more bizarre news in the unfolding of Operation Coronavirus, it is worthwhile taking a step back to look at the mentality which is orchestrating this scamdemic – this New World Order mindset. If we want to live free, we have to understand the nature of the force that is seeking to enslave us. This article is an attempt to sketch out some of the hallmarks of the depraved and twisted psychology of the New World Order (NWO) ruling class. By getting your head around how these people think, how they view those outside their cult (the public masses), how they view the world and what motivates them, hopefully you can begin to grasp what is needed to ensure we defeat them and maintain a world of peace, freedom and abundance. Thanks as always to David Icke who, after 30 years of full-time research, has distilled and communicated the essence of this mindset to the world, in the hopes that we can understand and recognize this force.

David Icke On Free Speech -Who Controls The World Part 1

1. It Can’t Stand Surprises

A hallmark of the New World Order mindset is a distinct intolerance for, or even a hatred of, surprises. For many people, it is a joy and a relief to live spontaneously, at least for some of the time, without having to spell everything out. Not so for the NWO. This mindset has to have absolutely every detail planned out. Not only that, it needs to ensure nothing can happen to disrupt its plans. Everything must be precisely calculated and tightly controlled. Icke explains it by way of analogy with a sports match. If you want to influence the outcome, you control one team or side; if you want to totally control the outcome, you control both sides. This leaves nothing to chance. It doesn’t take too much of a stretch of the imagination to see how this plays out in US politics, with rigged elections going all the way back to at least the days of JFK (whose well-connected father Joseph Kennedy bought votes for him) if not much further. The recent fiasco where Biden got in was shockingly undeniable and blatant riggery, yet Biden still sits in (or rather hides in the basement of) the White House. The NWO doesn’t ‘hope’ a particular candidate gets elected. They make it happen, every time.

In short, the New World Order mindset is that of a control freak. And what is behind the psychology of a control freak? A lack of comfortability with the unknown and with not being in control. In other words, fear (see #11).

David Icke On Free Speech -Who Controls The World Part 2

2. The PC Woke Movement and Virtue Signalling

The NWO mindset, being very far from a heart-based consciousness, clearly lacks kindness, compassion and empathy. In a world where such a distinct lack of empathy could render it ostracized, the NWO mindset has to make up for that by pretending to care. However since it is all a ruse, it has to go to great lengths to impress others and visibly demonstrate its (fake) kindness. This is the reason for the Hollywood-style obsession with superficialities and appearances. It’s all about image, baby. This is also the foundation for the recent explosion in the PC (politically correct) woke movement, which never misses an opportunity to demonstrate just how kind it is through its constant virtue signalling. People who are truly kind don’t need to boast how kind they are; people who are truly secure don’t need to show off to hide their insecurity; people who truly see others as humans, all equal, looking at their character not their skin color, don’t need to go around proclaiming how wonderfully anti-racist they are.

David Icke On Free Speech -Who Controls The World Part 3

"You could call my view of life a completely non racist view of life because I say racism is a nonsense and an irrelevance"... David Icke

3. Military-Style Perception Management: More Spin Than a Washing Machine

To go further with this point, the NWO mindset doesn’t just obsess over image to virtue signal its woke credentials (to cover up for its lack of heart); it also obsesses over image to control mass belief, opinion and perception. It’s military-style perception management. This is reflected in what some of its adherents have said. Take arch-NWO insider and war criminal Henry Kissinger, for example, who once stated that “it is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”

In this case, what is driving the obsession over image is also a raw lust for control, and a lack of tolerance for widespread distribution of power and decentralized decision-making. It’s about entrainment, the bringing of other mindsets down to its level and frequency so that it can control them. This leads the NWO mindset to spin the truth on every topic under the sun to make itself look better and to mold people’s perceptions to further its own objectives.

David Icke On Free Speech -Who Controls The World Part 4
"They (the Ruling Elite) refuse Davd Icke's offer to have an open debate with me"...  David Icke
"I support people to have a right to have an open public opinion, even if they completely disagree with me.... David Icke

4. Always Right, Never Wrong

Ever met a person who always has to be right no matter what? What about a person who will argue, defend and find loopholes in every situation because they’re deadly afraid of being wrong? Either way, such people are characterized by a lack of responsibility and a lack of being willing to take the blame when they deserve it. Former CIA director and Secretary of State under Trump, Zionist Mike Pompeo, proudly proclaimed that in his days at the CIA, “We lied, we cheated, we stole!” The NWO mindset will do whatever it takes to advance its agenda, even if it has to lie, cheat, steal, injure and kill.

5. It Can’t Do Empathy

Continuing on from point #2, the NWO mindset is devoid of compassion, so it doesn’t quite know how to do it. It doesn’t pull off empathy very well. An instructional example are the recent absurd CIA woke ads, where the CIA is desperately trying to convince you that they are something they are not. Think about it – this is an agency that has consistently instigated, over the course of 7+ decades, some of the most evil and monstrous acts done by humans on the planet, including overthrowing foreign governments, assassinating foreign and domestic leaders (e.g. JFK), selling weapons illegally, bolstering the production of dangerous drugs (heroin and cocaine) so as import them into the US on the blackmarket, controlling the media by paying off journalists via Operation Mockingbird (see #3 on perception management) and running mind control experiments on its own citizens (MK Ultra). Now, we are suddenly supposed to believe the CIA has grown a conscience and deeply, truly cares about minorities, racial issues and gender equality? It is beyond ridiculous, however the good thing about it all is that the NWO mindset doesn’t see how transparent its woke attempts are.

6. It Projects a False Sense of Omnipotence

The New World Order mindset is very much like the Borg from Star Trek. One of their key mantras was: “Resistance is futile.” This is the message the mindset keeps projecting. It desperately wants us to believe its nefarious agenda of control is a fait accompli, a forgone conclusion, when it is not. Think about it: a truly omnipotent force does not need to convince you that it is omnipotent and that you cannot resist. Its strength would become apparent and their would be no need for attempts at persuasion. Only a force that is secretly weak, but is trying to project an image of strength, would resort to this kind of psychological messaging. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, many times: the New World Order is not set in stone. Your very act of reading these words, and taking this message to heart in an empowered way, is stopping the NWO nightmare from becoming a reality. The world is waking up and this process cannot be stopped.


7. Censorship and Cancel Culture: It Can’t Stand Shades of Grey or Opposing Views

Another clue that the NWO mindset is rigid, as well as inherently insecure and weak, is that it can’t stand shades of grey or opposing views. It gets very caught up in dogmatic black-and-white thinking. Remember what the mentally challenged US President George W. Bush said after the 9/11 false flag op: “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.” The explosion of censorship and cancel culture over the last few years is indicative of a vast insecurity. Censorship is a tacit admission by the censors that their arguments, theories or beliefs are very weak, because they can’t hold their own in the battlefield of open debate, where ideas are exchanged freely and analyzed critically.

8. It Can’t Tolerate Humor

Stop laughing! No jokes allowed! The NWO mindset takes itself very seriously, so seriously in fact that it can’t tolerate humor. John Lennon instinctively realized this truth when he advised people to just laugh at the system:

When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.”

The PC movement has been killing comedy, but those true comedians out there will realize that it’s their job to communicate the hard truths (that people would prefer not to hear or confront) under the guise of humor. Thanks George Carlin – you are a legend. Laughing at the absurdity of the official narrative, whether it’s Operation Coronavirus or any other false flag kind of operation, is a great way both to communicate truth and defuse the sweat and tension that comes with being a truthseeker and freedom fighter.

9. It Looks at the Rest of Humanity as Cattle

An empathetic mindset consider the feelings and needs of those around it. The psychopathic NWO mindset looks at people around it as things to be exploited or used for its own gain. Former CIA director Allen Dulles, mastermind of the JFK assassination, constantly gauged whether people around him were “useful” or not, even those who were fond of him. The phrase “useless eaters” to describe the masses of humanity is attributed to Kissinger. Time after time, NWO insiders have expressed their contempt and disgust for the rest of humanity. This is the mindset talking.

10. It’s Not Just About the Money

Some people studying the worldwide conspiracy believe it’s all about the money. It’s not. Yes, on many levels, it is about the money, because the New World Order mindset uses the manipulation of money to siphon off wealth from society via its bloodline banking families. However, it’s not just about the money. Money is a tool of control, and the NWO agenda is about long-term power and control. Money is a means to an end. This agenda is millennia old, intergenerational and involves interdimensional beings, all of which is obviously well beyond the scope of this article. Money is just a tool to this mindset.

11. It is Always Anxious and Afraid

Now we come to the penultimate point and the crux of the matter. The NWO mindset is paranoid, anxious and afraid. This explains the constant psychological projections it spews out, such as calling genuine truth seekers “paranoid conspiracy theorists” merely for questioning things and thinking critically. It is paranoid that it will be exposed and uncovered at any moment. It is anxious, always on edge, always pushing its agenda, worried things may not work. The New World Order mindset promotes so much fear because it feels so much fear. It is fear! (For those wanting a deeper understanding of this, please check out my articles on wetiko and the Archons.)

Beneath all the analysis, it is fear. The NWO mindset is deathly afraid of a united, awakened humanity rising up in a non-violent, non-compliant way to step into its true divine power. Unfortunately for the NWO mindset, that is our birthright and nothing can stop it.

It is also worth highlighting the genuine psychopathy behind this mindset. This quote is from an article Behind a Manufactured Crisis: The COVID-19 and Psychopathy Connection:

“Based on the recurring behavior of these powerful families and individuals throughout history and today, we can observe what psychologists and psychiatrists call observable traits associated with a condition called clinical (primary) psychopathy. This is a genetic (congenital) condition characterized by the inability to feel the otherwise normal human emotions of empathy, guilt, and remorse. Innately devoid of these restraints, needless war, terrorist events, famine, genocide, assassinations, and mind control and manipulation become everyday business practices.”

12. It’s Cut Off From Spirit / Source / God / Infinite Consciousness

Call it what you like – Spirit, Source, God, Infinite Consciousness, etc. – whatever your notion is of what we come from, what we return into and what we are. The New World Order mindset is cut off from its connection with the infinite. It is so focused on the 5-sense world of particles and gross materialism that it has no appreciation for an expanded awareness. To put it another way, the ruling class who is possessed by this mindset are so cut off from god they have to play god – and thus we get transhumanism, the desire to be immortal even though we already are. This transhumanistic desire is based on a denial and rejection of our souls, and a fear of death. Thus, so much of this mindset comes back to fear.

Operation Coronavirus is a Rush to the Finish Line

Consider this point. The usual modus operandi of the New World Order is to use the frog-in-a-boiling-pot approach, to slowly introduce and force its agenda upon people step-by-step so that they don’t notice. However since the launch of Operation Coronavirus, the NWO has changed its tactics. What is unfolding now appears to be more a mad rush to the finish line – before it gets overtaken and loses the race. As I have outlined above, the New World Order mindset is always afraid of getting caught in a lie and getting found out. There seems to be a scramble underway to get as many people as possible vaccinated with the highly magnetic COVID non-vaccine while the official narrative still holds some sway over people’s minds. However, with a growing awareness that this entire COVID op is a giant scamdemic, replete with fake case counts, fake PCR tests, fake death counts and a fake virus, the truth has spread far and wide. It’s turning into a race against time. Will the NWO infuse their nanobots and fibers into humanity before people sufficiently awaken?

Solutions to Disrupt the New World Order Mindset

So what are the solutions? Well, give the NWO what it can’t stand and doesn’t like! It hates surprises, so give it surprises! It hates humor, so laugh at it! It thinks it’s omnipotent, so prod its weaknesses. It loves to censor, so refuse to self-censor! It thrives on violence, so non-violently resist. It needs your energy, obedience and compliance, so refuse to comply!

Finally, do the inner work to weed out any aspect of the New World Order mindset within yourself. This is the hardest part of all of this, but each and every one of us must do this work. No one else can do it for you. Consider honestly how much of this mindset is within you, then work to identify it, integrate it and transform it. As Jung said, “One who looks outside, dreams. One who looks inside, awakens.” Being aware of every detail of the NWO is good, and being aware of solutions is good, but we must transform ourselves within to change the world outside. 


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles, author of the book Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and senior researcher at Makia is on Steemit and LBRY.