Nancy Hal explaing to the ABC Reporter in 1987 that the FAI Insurance Company are playing games to do everything possible to stop the fixing of her Railway Hotel in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia






ABC Reporter who interviewed Nancy Hall on ABC Tv in 1987 about the burning of Nancy Hall's Railway Hotel in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia and the difficulty in Nancy Hall obtaining replacement insurance form FIA Insurance

Nancy Hall claimed before her mysterious death  that her famous Railway Hotel in Kalgoorlie was burned done in 1987 by corrupt police and property developers who wanted the this prime land in the heart of Kalgoorlie for a development site 





Nancy Hall's Railway Hotel Kalgoorlie Western Australia was burned down in 1987 by corrupt police and property developers, so they could obtain the land as a prime development site.
The railway hotel in Kalgoorlie was a very old historic hotel on in a prime corner of the City of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Nancy Hall's enemies made sure that Nancy Hall's  FAI insurance policy was not paid out as promised by FIA
and Nancy tried to sue to sort it out and bring the whole truth to light.
In the end, Nancy Hall was bashed in Collie where she was trying to open another old hotel, and expose the truth.
AS a result of the bashing Collie,' Nancy Hall ended up in Claremont Mental Hospital, where Nancy Hall mysteriously died not long after been placed in Claremont Mental Hotel, Perth, Western Australia.